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January 3, 2020

Denis Shapovalov

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

D. SHAPOVALOV/S. Tsitsipas

7-6, 7-6

Canada - 2, Greece - 0

(Transcribed from recorded ATP audio.)

Q. Denis, well done, great match against Stef. Maybe just first comment, what do you think about the conditions with the team aspect for the second match of the ATP Cup in Brisbane here.
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Yeah, obviously, it's always amazing to be part of the team and have kind of a team feeling. It's pretty rare on the tour, so I definitely love it and I always feel like I thrive off that atmosphere. So, yeah, I'm really happy, happy with the result today.

Q. Tight match. What do you think the keys were to beating a red hot Stef Tsitsipas coming off the ATP finals win just a couple months ago.
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Yeah, it's definitely a huge win for me. Obviously, he had an unbelievable end to the season and he's definitely one of the top players in the world right now. He's got a great game. So to beat a guy like this first match of the year, it's really special for me. It means a lot. And, yeah, I think today it was just a couple points here and there, just tried to keep playing my game, keep playing every single point and wait for my chances and I just think that I took advantage really well in the tiebreaks.

Q. Other than the team aspect, anything else standing out for you for the ATP Cup first match? I know you're about to go play doubles.
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Honestly, no. It's just, it's just nice. I think everything's organized pretty well. We have got, we're staying at a great city. I think all three cities are amazing. And, obviously, I love the team aspect, the team vibe and you just get to bond with other players and practicing and all this. It's so much easier when you have a group of guys like this. Yeah, it's, like I said, it's not a feeling we get often, that we support each other and we're there on the bench cheering each other one. Obviously, we're always trying to prepare for ourselves the rest of the year, so I think it's just an unbelievable feeling and obviously tournaments like this are just so much fun and I think for the fans it's so much more fun as well, because it gets so loud and they really get more into it. So I think it's great for everyone.

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