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January 6, 2020

Satoshi Iwabuchi

Yoshihito Nishioka

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Team Japan - 2

Team Georgia - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations. Did you play better than even you expected this afternoon?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, yeah. You know, he can hit the ball very hard, so he played, like, perfect. I can't do anything. But I tried to do what he doesn't want to do, you know.

So I know he likes to hit the ball hard. For sure he can hit the ace many times, but for sure he miss many times, as well.

You know, tried to make a lot ball using, like, my tennis style, you know. Moving a lot, making ball, using many moonball, you know.

Yeah, I think I played much better tennis, and then today he couldn't figure out how to beat me maybe. But, yeah, very happy for win today. Very important match for sure today. Very happy for that.

Q. Toshi, I think you said after the first tie it was beyond your expectations to win. Now you have won two ties. How happy are you with the team overall?
SATOSHI IWABUCHI: Yes, actually Yoshi beat two good players with very good tennis, and he show us his potential is so big. And also Go. Go is not easy match. The guy is ranked lower than him, and he thinks he should win the match. And he won both matches, and Yoshi played so well.

And, yeah, we won the two ties. In two days against Spain, so so far, so good. Yeah, we try hard with Spain team.

Q. Yoshi, for yourself, your next opponent is probably going to be Nadal. Do you have a lot of confidence going into that match that you could beat him after your two wins?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, I'm feeling very good. I know he's the best player right now, so, you know, try my best, and then let's see how much I can do against him.

But for sure, yes, I believe I can beat him. Then, you know, I want to win and then we want to pass the quarterfinal, you know.

Yeah, next against Spain should be very, very big match. Yeah, for sure we are team, so if team win, that would be perfect, but, yeah, try to I win, and then I want to support the team.

Q. With Nishikori going out, you became the main man for team Japan. You previously said he's a hero. Have you had any messages or support from him back from Japan?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, I didn't got any, but I think he's maybe busy. I don't know (smiling). I'm not sure. Now he's recover for his elbow, I think. And then I think he's recovering for coming back for next season.

So I think he's busy, but hopefully he's watching our match and, you know, we doing -- I think we're doing the best tennis. So hopefully he's coming back again, and then we want to play together.

Q. Yoshi, being No. 1 Japan player here, has that been something you have really enjoyed and relished?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Yes, I do enjoy. Well, before we sign up, Kei was here. Kei was on team. I was player No. 2. But now I'm No. 1.

For sure I have to play against high-ranking player than me, which is very tough, but, you know, I won two matches already, and then I play Nadal next round.

So feeling very good, and then I'm happy for I can play against No. 1 player in the world in this beginning of the season. I think even if I lose against him, that's good for me, good experience. For sure, I try to beat him.

Q. Just your style, the way you hit angles and counterattack, do you think that can really cause problems for some of the top players?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, I'm changing the game plan against every each players. So for sure I have to change against Nadal, you know.

So I'm not going to say what I going to do, but, you know, I have plan and then I try that. If it work, maybe I have chance. If not, maybe he's too good. So we'll see against Spain and we try to win, yeah.

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