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January 5, 2020

Alberto Giraudo

Simone Bolelli

Fabio Fognini

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Team Italy - 2

Team Norway - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations on the tie win today, guys. How rich are you feeling after getting your first two victories for the tournament?
SIMONE BOLELLI: At the moment, we are happy. We won a very tough tie today, and Norway's playing very good. They won first day against USA. Unexpected victory for me. And today 1-All and we won the doubles. It was a very important point for Italy to stay alive in the competition.

So we are confident, we are still in, and now we have to prepare the match against USA.

Q. Fabio, for yourself, tough game against Casper. What do you think you've got to do to improve on that performance?
FABIO FOGNINI: Trying to recovery.

Q. Trying to recovery?

Q. You went for some big winners, and you sort of put it all on the line at times. Was that the plan to go out there and try to blow him away with some big shots?

Q. You tried to hit some massive winners early on and tried to get some big shots away.
FABIO FOGNINI: You know, maybe you -- I'm feeling now that I'm tired. If you want to know everything 110% (indiscernible), so you know everything (indiscernible).

Nothing else. He just play unbelievable. It's not easy to say that I play like shit, but it's like that. That's the sport. I'm really tired. So happy for him.

Q. Simone, was there ever a time where you ever felt comfortable in the doubles? I know you started targeting Viktor probably midway through the first set, but was there any point where you thought, oh, we've got this under control? Or was it very tough?
SIMONE BOLELLI: Yeah, it was a very tough doubles. We were lucky to win this point on 3-All and Love-30. That I think maybe changed the first set.

But all the match, we had chances also to break them. In the second set two or three times. And I feel every time that I play with Fabio I feel confident. I mean, we know very good each other, so we know how to play on court. We have our strategies. And I knew that it was tough because these guys beat a very good doubles team on the first day.

But, you know, tennis is like this. You never know what's happen. And also with these rules, with the no ad and super-tiebreaker, the doubles is always open. So was important for us to win today. We won, and so that's the really important things.

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