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January 3, 2020

Cameron Norrie

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

C. NORRIE/D. Kuzmanov

6-2, 3-6, 6-2

Team Great Britain - 1

Team Bulgaria - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Just looking for your thoughts in that match. You came through that first set pretty nicely, and then he battled back in that second. What were your thoughts overall?
CAMERON NORRIE: It was a tough match. It's the first match of the year. So, yeah, I came out playing great. It was a real physical first set, and then literally one little lapse in concentration, and then I was down a break and he actually played solid. I didn't really have any chances in the second.

I had a bit more presence in the third, and I made the match again physical and found my level again. It's never easy kind of being the favorite and then being first match when you haven't competed since Paris, which is like two months ago.

Obviously there were a couple doubts in the second, but no, I was actually real happy with the way I competed and the way I carried myself and the presence in the third set, which is good for me.

Q. What's your impression of the tournament so far, the setup and everything else? And the prospects of maybe playing in some pretty brutal weather over the next week or so?
CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, I think it's an unbelievable tournament so far. I think everyone's done a great job to get everything organized. I think it's cool how they are playing in three different venues.

It's nice to kind of start the year as a team. And, yeah, you're guaranteed three matches regardless if you win or lose them. That's also nice.

I mean, you could easily go to Doha and lose first round. You don't have any kind of rhythm for Aussie Open. So I'm really happy that I made the team here, and it's nice to be among the guys. I practice with Evo a lot on the tour, so it's nice to kind of be around a couple of my mates. And especially having Tim being the captain, got some good stories from when he was playing and some good experience.

So it's really cool event so far, and I'm sure it's going to get better.

Q. How would you characterize Tim so far as a captain?
CAMERON NORRIE: I think, yeah, like I said, he's got so much experience in tennis, and I think he speaks very well. He's very kind of sure of himself when he's telling you something, and you obviously are going to trust him because he's been here and he knows how to handle himself under pressure.

So he's definitely got some good things and he sees the game very well. It's nice to kind of have him here this week on the sideline. Done some time on court with him, and he's given me some good tips.

I think it's just nice to have a new voice and especially have a voice that's credible. He's obviously played -- he was 3 in the world, so it's nice to have someone like that.

Q. What's the speed of the court like out there?
CAMERON NORRIE: Actually, today I found it extremely slow. I'm not sure if it was the balls or the court. I think playing at night, as well. But it was just -- I think the balls, when they are newer, it's quick for a couple games and then they get real slow.

But I'm not complaining. I kind of like that. I feel like I'm in good shape and I'm a pretty physical player. I'm happy with them. It's all good.

Q. Is Great Britain playing in one venue an advantage? If you go right through the tournament, do you regard that as an advantage?
CAMERON NORRIE: I think it's definitely more of an advantage if you're not playing in Perth. It's like a four-hour flight. I mean, I don't think it makes too much of a difference. It's just kind of worked out that way. I'm sure everyone has got a pretty fair chance. I'm sure the conditions are pretty similar. It's been boiling all over the country.

Q. Just wondering like maybe initially you thought you wouldn't be playing singles matches here because of Andy and Dan being ahead of you? Well, Andy in terms of his protected ranking. Just wondering, did you have an idea in December, were you told, Listen, Andy's got an issue, you might have to play some matches?
CAMERON NORRIE: No. When I was told I was playing for Great Britain, I was selected as the No. 3 player, I was, like, Whatever, I'll go and compete, and I can use it as a training week if I need to. And whatever. I was just happy to be in the team, and I just put my hand up. I wanted to play and be here.

I didn't really kind of want to go to Doha, do a 12-hour flight flying to Auckland where I did well last year. Might as well just get used to the similar conditions and be around the team and be around Andy in terms of -- it's unfortunate for him, but it's kind of worked out for me that I have been playing as the No. 2 player.

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