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January 3, 2020

Dimitar Kuzmanov

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

C. NORRIE/D. Kuzmanov

6-2, 3-6, 6-2

Team Great Britain - 1

Team Bulgaria - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I just wanted to find out what it was like playing in front of such a big crowd and against someone like Cameron Norrie. You did very well in that second set. What was it like out on court?
DIMITAR KUZMANOV: It was a dream come true. Not hide that I had a lot of pressure. At the beginning of the first set and throughout the whole set, I was really tight. That's why I was missing quite a lot and not playing very confident on the court. Getting used to the atmosphere, to the surface, to the crowd, to the stadium, to everything.

Then I just get used to it. Managed to relax a bit more in the second. Gained some confidence, as well. Yeah, it paid off in the second set.

And, yeah, I had a bad start in the third, early break. I think that was deciding for the match.

Q. Do you think playing against someone like Norrie pushed you to play your best tennis?
DIMITAR KUZMANOV: Yes, definitely, definitely. He's top 60 player in the world. He's used to all these conditions mentally.

But I'm really happy here because I'm growing. I'm getting used to that environment, and it's a big opportunity for me.

Q. What's it like having Grigor as a captain and spending so much time with him? Have you found that to be helpful, as well, for you and your tennis?
DIMITAR KUZMANOV: Yeah, since we are here already a week, every day we have been learning something from him. Not only on the court but off the court, as well.

So he's a great example to look to, and I'm really, really happy and trying to take advantage of everything from him.

So, yeah, just enjoying. Enjoying and learning.

Q. What do you think of the team zone?
DIMITAR KUZMANOV: Whoa, it's great. It's great. Such a different experience. You can definitely feel that team spirit, as everyone is behind you. Obviously today it was almost a full stadium, a lot of Bulgarians came to support.

Yeah, as I said, it's unreal feeling. Just amazing to be here.

Q. You had Grigor there for a while, and then his coach was also there helping you. Did they give you any of the stats or anything like that from the tablets?
DIMITAR KUZMANOV: Yes, they did. I saw that they were looking at the tablet since the beginning (smiling). So they were showing me the stats, especially after the first set. Not showing me but telling me. Just giving me information how things are going, like percentages and so on.

Q. Was there anything in particular that was useful that you wanted to know?
DIMITAR KUZMANOV: Yes, definitely. The percentage of the returned serves, first and second. First-serve percentage, as well. That's why I was serving much better in the second because I was more concentrated on that first serve.

Q. Is that something you would like to see more often, having those innovations, whether it's a team zone or tablet, something like that?
DIMITAR KUZMANOV: Yes. I couldn't use the new system regarding the foot fault and the double bounce, but I think any innovation is good for the sport and for the fans, as well, as we see everything happening around here. And we are excited, as well, about it.

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