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January 3, 2020

Viktor Durasovic

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

T. FRITZ/V. Durasovic

6-2, 6-2

Team United States - 1

Team Norway - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Could you just talk me through your first experience with the ATP Cup.
VIKTOR DURASOVIC: It was fun in a way. I thought it was pretty cool, just the whole atmosphere, get to play on a nice court against a decent guy.

But at the same time, it was a little bit disappointing to not be able to play at a level where I could really compare myself to the other guy. You know, it's a bit of mixed feelings, maybe a little bit more disappointed than happy for the experience, but I got two more matches here, so I hope I can play a little bit better.

Q. He did well to get out of Love-40 first service game and breakpoints down in the second service game. Did you suffer from nerves early on? Were you nervous, or was it just a case of, you know, Fritz potentially returning deep, rushing you a bit?
VIKTOR DURASOVIC: No, it was definitely nerves from beginning to end, pretty much. You know, I don't -- like many players, you know, you don't always control your nerves that well. Some better than others obviously.

I didn't do so well on that today. You know, I thought it was pretty obvious throughout the match that something was going on. Yeah, it was 100% just nerves.

Q. What advice did Christian or others on the bench, Casper potentially give you during the match? Did anything help from their side?
VIKTOR DURASOVIC: Well, I mean, they thought, you know, I had some good points, and it was looking like, you know, once the rally was going that I was -- you know, they thought I was looking a little bit better than him, but, you know, he can win a couple of points here and there, but if he serves well and I don't make many returns back, then it's just hard.

You know, I was just telling them that, you know, I also didn't play with a lot of first serves, which was making things very hard from the start, you know, making it comfortable for him to always start the point kind of easy.

They were just saying to try and let loose a little bit, you know, try and play more solid, you know, don't go for the flat shots too early, try and stay in the rally a little bit longer.

But like I said, in the return games it was really difficult. I didn't really get a read on the serve. I think that I should have tried to mix up my stance a little bit earlier and try different things, but then again, because of the nerves and tension a little bit, you don't always think about those things, so, you know, that change came a little bit late in the second set, and, you know, against a decent guy, you don't tend to get away with that.

Q. Finally, what positives can you take? And do you think, now that you've played a match on the court, do you think you'll be less nervous for the second match?
VIKTOR DURASOVIC: I hope so. For sure, it will be something that I should think about and look back and come up with something that helps me to, you know, have the nerves in check better, for sure. So we'll see. I hope I manage to do it.

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