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January 3, 2020

Taylor Fritz

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

T. FRITZ/V. Durasovic

6-2, 6-2

Team United States - 1

Team Norway - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Fantastic result in your first match for the year. You've created a little slice of at least Perth ATP Cup history by winning the first match. Are you a bit delighted at that?
TAYLOR FRITZ: Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool when I saw the schedule that I was on, going to be first on, first ATP Cup. So I was pretty, you know, excited to be the first match.

Q. Had a pretty complete performance, 6-2, 6-2. I think there were two breaks of serve in each set, maybe 11 aces. Happy with that, as well?
TAYLOR FRITZ: Yeah, I thought I played really well. I went out and did everything I told myself before the match I had to do, make a lot of returns, play solid, take care of my serve, serve well.

So I thought I played a pretty complete match.

Q. Complete, it was a good combination of power and touch when you needed it?
TAYLOR FRITZ: Yeah, obviously I usually like to set the mood and attack more, but he was just going so big on every ball I kind of had to take a step back and be a little bit more consistent than normal. But that was what was working, so...

Q. First time that you had played Viktor. I think you hadn't played each other before. One up in the head-to-heads?

Q. And put America hopefully on the path to victory if John can shut out the tie?
TAYLOR FRITZ: Yeah, it was really good to get it started there with a win, so hopefully we can continue on and win the rest of the matches.

Every game and every set is important, because, you know, if we don't win the group, a couple second-place teams go through based on the sets and games and all that stuff. So every game matters.

Q. Was there any frustration at the beginning when you were Love-40 on his serve, break points on his serve and he was cleaning the lines a lot? Sometimes you were looking at the bench.
TAYLOR FRITZ: I mean, I kind of -- not too much frustration, because I didn't really do anything wrong in those points, you know. Maybe if I had a chance and I didn't take it. But, like, the first game, Love-40, he served like three good serves, had some really good shots the next game and more really good shots.

I can kind of just feel, oh, that sucks, but I have to keep getting chances until he doesn't come up with something really good on a breakpoint, so I just kind of have to give credit to him that he was hitting really good shots and move on.

Q. What advice did you get from David from the bench and generally coaching advice during those early stages? Did you get much throughout the match?
TAYLOR FRITZ: Nothing really. What I came out doing was working, and so he kind of just wanted me to keep, you know, keep on doing what I was doing. We talked a little bit maybe about where he thought he was serving on the big points, but, you know, I could figure that out myself.

You know, we just kind of collaborated a bit, but it was pretty much kind of keep doing what I was doing since working from the beginning.

Q. I didn't actually see the incident live, but you were topping off a chair? Was that a change of ends? How's your back?
TAYLOR FRITZ: I think it was, like, 5-2 in the first set. I don't know when -- it was mid first set or towards the end of the first set. I just thought there was a chair there. I thought there was a seat there. I sat in between two. So it's funny, a little funny, clumsy thing I did.

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