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January 2, 2020

Felipe Maccio

Ariel Behar

Franco Roncadelli

Juan Martin Fumeaux

Martin Cuevas

Pablo Cuevas

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

THE MODERATOR: Time for introduction.

FELIPE MACCIO: We are Uruguay, and this is our team. Pablo Cuevas, No. 1 of our country. Ariel Behar. Juan Martin Fumeaux. The brother of Pablo, Martin Cuevas. And Franco Roncadelli.

Q. Pablo, what are your expectations for this group at the ATP Cup? Do you see yourselves getting to Sydney?
PABLO CUEVAS: Yeah, of course. I know we are in the tough group, but Nishikori has pulled out. I see increase the chance for the team.

I know Spain is very, very tough. Is the object to win to Spain, but I think Japan and Georgia we have a good chance. Is equal chances. They put focusing in their beginning on the season against Japan and try the best.

Q. According to ATP you have never played your opponent this week, Soeda from Japan. Do you know much about him? And what do you have to do to try to get the win?
PABLO CUEVAS: I play against Nishioka. I play two or three in Australia. I know him. He's a very good player, so fast. I prepare good and have confidence for start the series.

Q. Martin, what about yourself? Do you feel prepared?
MARTIN CUEVAS: (Through interpreter.)

Yeah, he says he prepared the best way possible. It's the first time he does the preseason in hard court to start the year playing hard court tournament, and he's very enthusiastic with great hope and allusion for this week. He's going to try his best and give his points to Uruguay.

Q. Juan Martin, as the youngest member of the team, what have you learned from your teammates? What have you learned from your teammates so far this week?
JUAN MARTIN FUMEAUX: Is very good experience. I'm very happy. I can't believe it.

(Through interpreter.) In a few words what he says, it's a dream being here and being around all these top players. Extremely happy to be here, to have this opportunity, and will enjoy every moment of it. Yeah, I guess that's most of it, yeah.

Q. Have you had a chance to get out and experience Perth over the past couple of days or have you been busy training?
A URUGUAY PLAYER: (Through interpreter.)

The place that we are staying now at the hotel, around that area, it's beautiful. The river, we haven't been able to visit much because we were practicing, like, these days, but we're going to try to have this afternoon to walk around a little bit further and visit some places to enjoy a little bit more. Yeah.

Q. It seems as if you're all really good friends. Is unity in the team going to help you to win matches this week? Pablo, what do you think is going to be your greatest strength as a team this week?
PABLO CUEVAS: Yeah, of course we are good friends, everybody. And we know a lot. We play same team or similar team in Davis Cup, training a lot in Uruguay.

I think is, yeah, is good for put the energy in the court. Outside we are, yeah, good friends and happy when we stay on the court and for having around or whatever. Yeah, I think it's important for the team.

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