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January 2, 2020

David Kvernadze

Zura Tkemaladze

Aleksandre Bakshi

George Tsivadze

Aleksandre Metreveli

Nikoloz Basilashvili

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

THE MODERATOR: Team Georgia. The captain is David Kvernadze, and David will introduce his team.

DAVID KVERNADZE: Hello, everyone. This is our No. 1, Nikoloz Basilashvili. No. 2, Aleksandre Metreveli. No. 3, George Tsivadze. No. 4, Aleksandre Bakshi. No. 5, Zura Tkemaladze. This is our team.

THE MODERATOR: First questions.

Q. Nikoloz, you take on Rafa on Saturday night. How are you feeling about that matchup?
NIKOLOZ BASILASHVILI: I feel great. He's No. 1 player at this moment, and it's going to be one of the toughest matches in my career probably.

But same time, I'm going to enjoy the ability to be a big experience, especially beginning of the year, and I'm really looking forward for it.

Q. You have never beaten Rafa in three attempts. What do you think you have got to do to get over him?
NIKOLOZ BASILASHVILI: Well, mostly first I have to be in my best physical shape. Then, yeah, on clay I'm really struggling with him so far really bad, and kind of history on him on clay.

On hard courts, at this moment I'm feeling great. I was a little bit sick last couple days, but in general I did a good preseason, and physically I'm okay. I'm ready. I just have to play my best tennis to have a chance to beat him, because right now he's playing unbelievably well.

Q. You said you have been a bit ill. How are you feeling now? Feeling better? Ready to go on Saturday?
NIKOLOZ BASILASHVILI: Yes, I'm feeling much better now, yes.

Q. How do you prepare for someone like Rafa? Is it about training as hard as you can, having a lot of vision?
NIKOLOZ BASILASHVILI: Yes, I think I have a really great team next to me. And how I prepare? With everything. I have to try to use every small details to be able to beat him, because as I said, he's best player right now. You know, in the same time, I have to play extremely good in every aspect.

Q. What does it mean to you the chance to represent your country?
NIKOLOZ BASILASHVILI: It means everything. It's why I agreed to play ATP Cup. And I think it's a really good kind of team tournament, which is kind of different than what I usually play. Similar as the Davis Cup, but I think it's more kind of different type of team, team tournament, and it's really interesting.

We are all excited. I'm extremely happy to be around my teammates from Georgia, and it's really nice experience.

Q. George, what's been the atmosphere like in practice? And what do you think Team Georgia's strength is going to be?
GEORGE TSIVADZE: What was the question?

Q. The team atmosphere, what do you think your team strength will be for the week?
GEORGE TSIVADZE: Team atmosphere is very nice. We are all very friendly, and we are very happy to be here as a team.

I think our strength is we are all together. I believe in our No. 1 and No. 2, but if other players get the opportunity to play, we are all ready to give a good fight.

Q. What's it been like practicing with Niko and just generally being around your teammates? What have you sort of picked up?
ZURA TKEMALADZE: I've picked up a lot from our No. 1. I think we are improving, and we are going to try our best to give a good fight to the end of the tournament.

Q. Aleksandre Metreveli, what do you make of the whole ATP Cup experience? And the city of Perth so far?
ALEKSANDRE METREVELI: Well, I didn't have much time to go out in Perth, but we are all the time practicing. We are preparing for our matches 100%, like we are practicing all the time of course in the gym and getting ready to play well.

Q. And the other Aleksandre, what sort of fun things have you been up to since you have been here? I know you have been here quite a few days.
ALEKSANDRE BAKSHI: We have been walking around the city exploring a little bit. I think it's a wonderful place to play tennis and explore. Yeah, we have been having some fun. And New Year's was pretty good too.

Q. I know Jan (phonetic) is here as well, but how much do you think you'll on-court coach during the matches? Do you think you'll be interacting with the players at every changeover, things like that, et cetera?
DAVID KVERNADZE: Yeah, of course I'm going to try to help them as much as I can, and of course with collaberation with Jan and of course I'm able to make this job.

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