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January 2, 2020

Gaston Gaudio

Andres Molteni

Maximo Gonzalez

Juan Ignacio Londero

Guido Pella

Diego Schwartzman

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Team Argentina, for your time in the press conference today. We're using the Catch Box microphone for questions in the room.

I will be passing it over to Gaston Gaudio, Team Argentina's captain, to introduce the team by name down the line.

GASTON GAUDIO: Okay. On my left we have Molteni, Guido Pella, Schwartzman, Londero, and Maximo González.

THE MODERATOR: I will be taking first questions in the room?

Q. Hey, guys. Obviously you know we have a bit of a hot week coming up, and also pretty bad air quality is forecast throughout the whole of the tournament, really. How are you feeling about that? Do you think that will affect your game at all?
GASTON GAUDIO: Yeah, of course we have felt it as soon as we get here. The first day we were practicing under 42 degrees. It was exhausted.

Yeah, it's going to be tough, but it's going to be the same for everybody. So at the end, we need to get used to this hot. Since this year it's going to be totally covered, it's going to be pretty much better, I guess.

Q. Is the smoke a concern at all?
GASTON GAUDIO: We didn't feel anything about that. We are pretty aware what's going on, but we are actually really concerned, but we didn't feel nothing special about that.

Q. Diego, one of the cool things about this event is many of the teams have captains who had great success playing. How cool is it to you that you're going to have someone that's accomplished as Gaston helping you throughout the week?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Well, we are working with Gaston as a captain for Argentina since already more than a year, so it's great for us. At the beginning we didn't know how it was going to be, and right now we are enjoying. It's a good relation for us.

I think everyone is trying to learn him as a coach, and we are trying to know what he want to us to do on court. For us, it's really nice. We are enjoying what he's doing with the team.

Q. Do you remember watching him at all when you were younger?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, for sure, many times.

Q. Any particular memory that sticks out and what you thought of his tennis and everything?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Well, the famous final in Roland Garros. I remember I was in Mar del Plata playing junior national tournament in Argentina. Mar del Plata, it's a coast place in Argentina. And I remember I saw the match in the restaurant of the club, so it was really nice at that time.

Q. Guido, just going to ask you sort of the same thing. How important is it for you to learn from someone like Gaston?
GUIDO PELLA: Yeah, more or less the same that Diego said. He's one of the most important tennis players in Argentina history, so it's important for us to learn from him.

So I think so far we are enjoying his presence here not only in the ATP Cup, as Davis Cup captain, also. We are enjoying it a lot.

Q. Gaston, just to you, what do you want to give back to them? Obviously as a player, you were in their shoes. Is there anything in particular you're trying to give to them?
GASTON GAUDIO: Well, if we're talking about professional guys, they know exactly what they have to do. Sometimes maybe I can help them in the way that I have been there for a couple of times and maybe trying to talk as a friend and in the way of the experience that I got since I play a few Davis Cups and representing the country many times.

So what I think that the most important thing is like to get along with them and be kind of friendly, and in that way things may go always easy.

Q. So you have the opportunity here to coach them on the court. Is that something you don't want to be too bogged down in tactics? You want to keep them relaxed?
GASTON GAUDIO: Well, it depends on the situation of the moment of the match. I'm going to share the match with the coach, the personal coaches that they have, so it's going to be easier for me this way.

I have been in the Davis Cup by myself, and it's quite -- you have to know exactly the right moment that you can say something to the players, because sometimes they're getting out too much pressure, and you know you have to be like the right timing to talk to them.

But in this case, it's going to be totally different, because I'm going to share the court with all the players and with the personal coach. So it's going to be kind of easy.

Q. What's the pressure like? I know you have experienced it before, but being a coach and having to watch them versus being on the court yourself, does it make you even more nervous because you're on the side?
GASTON GAUDIO: It's totally different. It's totally different.

At the beginning I thought it's going to be easier, but it's so much difficult. Because when you are the one who is playing, I mean, you take your own decisions. So you don't depend on anybody.

But me being from the outside trying to explain to someone to execute what I'm saying is actually pretty tough. It's not easy.

Q. Diego, one of the other cool things is you have the team zone here where you have not just your personal coaching and Gaston but the whole team. How cool is that to you to have everyone right there beside you the whole time?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: It's very nice, because every single part of the tournament we are enjoying a little bit more, with the players from Argentina, with our coaches. So everything I think have a plus, and it's very nice for every single player in the team I think have a extra thing.

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