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January 2, 2020

Tim Henman

Jamie Murray

Joe Salisbury

James Ward

Cameron Norrie

Daniel Evans

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

THE MODERATOR: Thank you to Team Great Britain for this press conference. We will be using the Catch Box microphone, and I will be handing it over to Captain Tim Henman to introduce the team by name.

TIM HENMAN: Good afternoon. Starting from the right, I've got Dan Evans. Next to him, Cam Norrie, James Ward, Joe Salisbury, and Jamie Murray.

THE MODERATOR: First questions, please.

Q. It's been a while since you have been back here in Sydney.
TIM HENMAN: 20 years.

Q. It's pretty amazing, isn't it? Your first title was in Sydney.
TIM HENMAN: Correct.

Q. The other day you were doing a TV cross from the center. What are your feelings coming back now that you're actually here?
TIM HENMAN: It's been great, actually. I was thinking about, you know, my history in Sydney. I actually came here and played juniors in 1991, and that definitely makes me feel pretty old.

It was a different setup then at White City, and to win my first title, it always brings back special memories. I played the Olympics here, but I don't think my match lasted quite an hour, so that wasn't such good memories.

But, no, it's a beautiful city. And to be part of this event, I have never been -- I have never been captain of a team event before. To hook up with the guys at the end of the year and be down here preparing, you know, seeing the facility, it's been fantastic.

They have prepared really, really well. They have been playing great. We have had a lot of fun. I think everyone is ready and raring to go.

Q. Dan, your thoughts on the event and playing this I inaugural ATP Cup?
DANIEL EVANS: Yeah, it's obviously going to be a lot different from how we used to start the year. I'm really looking forward to it, and hopefully we can have a good few days and get through the groups.

Q. Tim and Jamie, you obviously are going to be dealing with the heat this week, but also the added element of potentially poor air quality. Any concerns around the conditions that you might face here, particularly if the air deteriorates?
TIM HENMAN: Well, I think, you know, with the new roof on the stadium court, it's really fantastic, and that has certainly kept things a lot cooler. We were out practicing the other day when it was 44 degrees and it was obviously brutally hot. I think the roof is a huge advantage.

You know, I think in the context of what this country is going through with the bush fires and for us having to deal with perhaps slightly poor air quality, I think there is the perspective. I don't envisage it being a problem at all.

You know, certainly our thoughts and hearts go out to the people that have been so badly affected because it's horrific. We will be prepared well and go out there and give it our best shot.

At the end of the day, you know, we are very lucky to be involved in a sport we love and for these guys and for me to being able to do it for a living.

Q. Tim, as someone who has been around the game for so long, what are your thoughts on, or pretty long, but compare Davis Cup to this tournament. How do you separate them in your mind, or do you think one day they should be one and the same?
TIM HENMAN: I think I have talked about that, that I think in an ideal world that you think about a World Cup of tennis. If I'm going to talk about the ATP Cup right now, I think it's a great, it's a great concept.

I think in, you know, start of the year, buildup to the Australian Open, to have three cities, eight teams, it's also reflective of who's playing. When you have 8 of the top 10, 23 of the top 30, it's fantastic support.

So I think it's a really exciting concept, and, you know, Australia has always embraced sport. This time of year for the tennis, it's the ideal showcase.

I think we're all very excited to be a part of it, and I think that's the reality for all the countries.

Q. For Australians who might have not have seen much of the five guys sitting with you, when we think of Great Britain tennis players, we think Andy Murray. What can we expect to see from this team?
TIM HENMAN: They are world-class players. It's as simple as that. As we reflect on the other teams, there are no easy matches. I think when I, as the captain, I talk about the team, I like the fact that we've got options. We have prepared very well.

The surface conditions I think suit all our players, so we fancy our chances. Yeah, looking forward to getting underway.

Q. Just back on the bush fires, there has been a few calls maybe of doing some exhibition matches to maybe raise funds. Is that something you think should happen as well?
TIM HENMAN: I think whatever it is, we will all be keen to help because we are all aware of what is going on.

As I said, we are incredibly fortunate to be involved in a sport that we love to play and have many opportunities, and when you see the impact that the fires are having on communities, on lives, it's, you know, it's tragic. So, you know, if there is those types of opportunities around the events that are going on, then I'm sure I speak on behalf of all the guys that will be available to do what we can.

Q. I guess going in, 24 hours left, what's the biggest challenge for Great Britain's team, do you think?
TIM HENMAN: I don't think in terms of the next 24 hours. We play at 5:30 tomorrow. Our preparation has been great. Joe and Jamie have hit today and will do a little bit more today. Dan and Cam and James are out on the court this afternoon.

So I think the preparation is pretty much in place, and then it's about taking that form from the practice court onto the match court and, you know, appreciate and respect the opposition, but go out there and give it our best shot.

Q. I want to hear from the other boys up there on what's it like having Tim as a captain and mentor. What have you learned from him? What's it like playing tennis as a team as opposed to the individual?
TIM HENMAN: I haven't actually selected the team yet, so... (Smiling.) You have to wait and see how they answer that question.

CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, it's obviously very special to have Tim here with us and sharing some of his experience, some of his pretty good stories from when he played. It's nice to have that and just have him to learn from.

And then with the whole team event, it's nice. I mean, being a tennis player, you're on the road kind of in your own team and kind of by yourself, so it's nice to kind of start the year with your mates and just be playing as a team and getting three guaranteed matches.

So I think I like the format of it, and I think we're all really looking forward to it.

Q. Dan, all you guys are close. How do you like having the team zone where you have all the guys on the court backing you up right there?
DANIEL EVANS: Yeah, I think it will be very different to what we're used to. I mean, we have to use it to our advantage.

Normally we just go to the changeover on our own and have got our own thoughts. And, you know, someone might something in the match and let us know, you know, or the captain will obviously help us there.

You know, I think it's going to be really good. You know they can get pumped for the guy on court to try and get him through the match in a tight one, and I think it will be a great new addition.

Q. Joe, Jamie, doubles can be a deciding match in a lot of these ties. It must be exciting. Good showcase for doubles?
JOE SALISBURY: Yeah, it's great. Obviously, yeah, the doubles could be really, really important if it's 1-All in the singles.

I think we are really excited that it could come down to that, and we'll enjoy the opportunity if it does. So, yeah, I think it's a great showcase for doubles. Could be sort of the deciding match.

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