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January 2, 2020

Paul Capdeville

Marcelo Tomas Barrios Vera

Hans Podlipnik-Castillo

Alejandro Tabill

Nicolas Jarry

Cristian Garin

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


THE MODERATOR: We'll start with an opening statement from the captain and then take questions.

PAUL CAPDEVILLE: Hi. Good morning. First, we are so pleased to be here. And the No. 1 is Cristian Garin. The player No. 2 is Nicolas Jarry. Player No. 3 is Tabill. No. 4, Tomas Barrios, and 5 is Podlipnik.

THE MODERATOR: All right we'll start with questions in English.

Q. For anyone, I guess you guys were in Davis Cup just in November. I'm curious how similar or different this event feels to Davis Cup. Just coming so close together?
PAUL CAPDEVILLE: Can you repeat the question, please, a bit louder.

Q. Davis Cup was two months ago. Does this event feel similar to Davis Cup? Different? How does it feel having these two close together?
NICOLAS JARRY: It feels, for us players, similar because we are in, the last tournament that we played was with all of us together and now we're still together. We're opening the year together, so it's nice from that side. But it's a tournament that it's allowed us individually in our progress and rankings and stuff. So the mentality, it's a bit different in that way. And this is the beginning of the year, so everybody is really pumped up, has a lot of interest to be playing well after a long pre-season, so I think there's a little bit more expectations and it's really nice to play here. The group, it's different. So you play three times, not two and that. And now it will be, I think, a bit better being able to play this format. It's a bit similar but not the same. Two months ago it was the first time and now for the second time it's always a bit better.

Q. How do you feel about the format, trying this out in the Australian summer and the format of the ATP Cup?
PAUL CAPDEVILLE: Again, please.

Q. How are you feeling about the ATP Cup, the format that it's in?
CRISTIAN GARIN: I really like it. I think, as Nico said, I think it's the first tournament of the year. We are in a group that there's a really tough group and for me, it's nice to play with those kind of players, two top players and -- two top-10 players, and I really like to start the season like that. I think the group is very strong, so I'm very excited to play and I will try to give my best, as always, and of course I like to be here in the ATP Cup with the best players.

Q. A few years ago it might have seemed like the future of Chilean men's tennis maybe wasn't so bright but now it seems like for the next decade you all could be here playing in the biggest tournaments. Does this kind of feel like the beginning of a promising decade for Chilean men's tennis? Cristian or Paul, if you want to answer.
HANS PODLIPNIK-CASTILLO: Well, I just retired a month ago (laughing) so I think the future of tennis in Chile is very dark again (laughing). No, I think that honestly, I think that we have Chris and Nico and two more younger players coming up and I think they're going to create a very powerful team for the future. They're already showing amazing results and I think being here proves that Chile is back on the world's elite and that's very positive for the country, obviously.

CRISTIAN GARIN: I feel the same. We are a young team. We have also Tomas and Alejandro that they are playing much better than last year, I think for sure they will have also a good year. Nico, yeah, it's nice to have him, like, on the team. We are all very close to each other and we are trying to improve together and I think that we have good years coming so we have to keep working, keep doing the same things and keep enjoying the life of the tennis player.

Q. Paul, curious, with your decisions on who plays matches means who gets opportunities for ranking points at different times. I know this team has a very clear top-2 players, but I'm curious how tricky that is for a captain when you know players are eager to get ranking points and for other teams it can be more complicated sometimes as to who they're going to pick.
PAUL CAPDEVILLE: No, it's all clear. Cristian is No. 1. Nicolas is No. 2. We have a good team. The last year they have a good year, good level. I feel so comfortable to how it's going to work in the next matches. I hope we have a good practice tomorrow and then we'll be ready for the start.

Q. Have you guys at all discussed how on-court coaching will work? And what your guys' thoughts on what that will bring to the event overall.
NICOLAS JARRY: We haven't discussed that particularly in the team room or stuff, what we will do for sure. I think it's different. It will be fun that we're all on the court together. I had the opportunity to be a little bit on the Laver Cup that's pretty similar. So it was a great experience. So I think that trying to combine and make it a little bit more of a group, it's very fun to be able to be there. It's a bit more like a practice, a bit less alone on the court for the guy that is playing. So I think that will be nicer. It takes away that part of tennis that makes it unique. So, but I don't think if, it's good or not, it's weird. But if it's here I think we're going to make the most out of it and try to implement it the best way possible and to take advantage of it.

Q. Have you guys, curious of your thoughts on the team zones as well. They're a little closer to the baseline, a little different. What do you think it will be like to have your teammates closer to you during the matches?
CRISTIAN GARIN: I think it's great to see, like, the team supporting you more closer. I think it's just, I've never played like that before, so it's going to be new. But, of course, I will enjoy with them and I will feel the support from them more closer. So I think it's nice to put those kind of things, like, in the new, in this new format. So I think it's much better than to be just with the captain.

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