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November 18, 2001

Scott Hoch


Q. Tell me a little bit about the match today?

SCOTT HOCH: It was tough. I started out by hitting it back there into thick grass on the first hole and I thought, oh, it was going to be one of those days. But then I played well. I only made one bogey. But I played good, solid. My opponent, when he hit a bad shot, he hit a good recovery shot. And he was always recovering.

Q. There was an opportunity for you to take control, but he kept answering.

SCOTT HOCH: He wouldn't let me take control. I couldn't get a break and he birdied the first three par-5's and I felt that I had the advantage on the par-5's. So I thought I had the advantage there and actually he was 3-under on them and I was 3-under on them. I think that's really the key in a lot of these matches, the par-5's here. He played very tough. I mean, I played him a number of times, I think, over in Japan, and he's a tough player and he's a good match player because he's a good chipper and putter. When he made an errant shot, he made up for it.

Q. (Inaudible.)

SCOTT HOCH: Well, this is going to be tough. We haven't been playing too well and I was thinking, man, we have got to try to win, because, you know, Langer played well; and Sam actually shot 5-under; and sometimes it's the luck of the draw who you play. But like I say, both of us played well and it was tough. And sometimes you can win if you play tough.

Q. (Inaudible.)

SCOTT HOCH: Well, this was a lot of fun. I mean everything was great the way it was. If you do anything there it would be to have it juniors and seniors playing, other juniors and seniors in the matches, instead of just these guys. Yesterday, we were playing with a couple of seniors and I think that it was a lot more exciting and it evens the matches. If you can do that, I mean, we're still playing as a team, but if we keep that format like that it's fun. It was a lot of fun. And I hope it continues. I thought all the ideas for golf tournaments had been thought of and already been done and then they came up with this one. And I said, okay, and I played it, and it was a real fun event.

Q. Would you like to see it come back here?

SCOTT HOCH: Yeah. I don't have any problems with this at all. But I think that they might want to move it around. Warburg is an international company and you get international players, and so I think it would be a good idea, to get a lot of the U. S. players, to keep it close for them. But it's a good format and hopefully I'll look forward to playing in it again. It's an inaugural event and I was looking forward to playing in it and I hope it goes forward in the future.

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