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December 27, 2019

Tyler Biadasz

Pasadena, California

Q. You've gone up against a lot of great interior, defensive linemen in the Big Ten. Obviously been recognized for that. What do you see from Oregon's nose tackle?
TYLER BIADASZ: I think they're very versatile. I think they do a great job of playing with their hands and playing with their leverage. They're pretty stout too. They're pretty big guys, very comparable to some Big Ten teams that we have.

So I think it's going to be big. We've got to play with really great technique with these guys and play a really good football game.

Q. Anybody, in scouting particular players, who compares specifically?
TYLER BIADASZ: Everyone is different in their own way. (Indiscernible) and they hold their gap really well, and they like to come off and make plays and they do a good job of reacting to what's given to them in the pre-snap and how they react off the ball to some (indiscernible) blocks or one-on-one blocks. Everyone is different.

Q. To those of us who aren't 6-foot-4-plus and 300-odd pounds, what is it like out there when you're going against, whether it's one or two guys, other 300-pound human beings for 70-plus plays a game? It's your job to take on a 330-pound human 70-plus times in a game.
TYLER BIADASZ: Obviously you get good reps in practice to see how that feels and everything. But those are long games and that's what it comes down to. And it's who is more willing to get the job done consistently throughout those 70, 80 plays.

I mean big humans, but so am I. So gotta play with heart, don't lose that passion for the game and keep going. And you're not just playing for yourself; you're playing for your teammates, and you've got a whole city behind you, too. So there's good motives to keep you going.

Q. What do you see from their defensive? They're very multiple. They do a lot of different fronts from (indiscernible) man and when it's passing downs and throwing two-edge guys. What have you seen on tape?
TYLER BIADASZ: Like I said before, they're very versatile. They like to switch in their fronts, in their pre-snap and then they'll move a little bit. I mean, they do a good job of moving guys around and making -- they try to make it difficult for their opponents and rightfully so. So that's just them.

Q. How do you go about handling that as a center where you're making the line calls, making those things -- it's part of the job, reading the front, reading the blocks? How do you go about dealing with the adversity and --
TYLER BIADASZ: I would say I definitely take it like its more towards it's my responsibility to give the correct calls out. But I think as an O line, too, we've got to know the calls, whether you may not hear them or not, but whether the crowd is a noise factor. So, we've got to be prepared in that aspect as well.

But I take a bigger responsibility of getting calls right every play. So it's just good prep you have, too, and we've had multiple days prior to this. It's all about your prep and how you go about it. So I think I have a good -- I think I prepare very well. So I'm going to do that.

Q. The day you guys arrived I talked to Paul, and he said Kayden is out, but Moorman's good to go. I don't know if a lot of people thought Moorman would play a (indiscernible) role at the beginning of this year. Curious what you've seen from him this year compared to last year?
TYLER BIADASZ: I definitely think, coming off the spring he definitely had a shot anywhere, honestly, whether it was guard or tackle. And it's just how everything falls through fall camp, and he's done a great job of being so versatile. So he's been the guy that can go from literally center, guard to tackle.

And he's done a great job this season of, like, staying the course and really putting -- because he always put the team first. And he said whatever, wherever you need me that fits more. And first it was -- he was a backup center in fall camp. And then he's a guard, and all of a sudden he's a tight end and it's a tackle and now back at guard.

I think just the drive and the mentality he comes to practice with each day and what he provides to this team to be so versatile like that is a great aspect to have. And we love him.

And I'm really happy for him that he's going to get this opportunity to play and to have a key role, because he deserves it and he's worked his butt off for it especially this last offseason.

Q. You ran a lot. Where he was in camp, all the positions, is that easy to do or hard to do?
TYLER BIADASZ: I mean, I would say it's hard to do. That's like -- that's hard to do all those things. It depends if you're going from left tackle to right tackle. But if you go from center to guard, to tackle, that's another aspect. To do that in practice, like one series go here, one series go there, it can get pretty difficult. But he's handled it very well, and I'm really proud of him, like I said before. But he's really grinding it. He's a really hard worker. And I'm not surprised he found his way on the field, honestly.

Q. He jokes about his dad being a better player than his dad. He was making a crack today. My dad has been, like, at Eastern Michigan, I'm here so I'm better than my dad. Is he kidding with you guys, or is he more serious with you guys behind the scenes?
TYLER BIADASZ: We're definitely an O line family behind the scenes.

Q. Is he a brother, cousin or what?
TYLER BIADASZ: He's a brother. We have good character off the field. I mean, we're just a fun group.

Q. Guys in your position who could be a potential first or second round pick next year, playing in bowl games, not considered the smart decision anymore. Why for you was this an easy one to make?
TYLER BIADASZ: I mean, I'm here to win. I'm here to win a Rose Bowl championship. To me, it's simple. I don't look at it like I'm not going to play in a game. But they have their own opinions and thoughts about it. But I'm here to play. And that's what I love to do. I'm not going to leave my teammates and my brothers out there to just to go compete. Like I've competed with them how far we've gone.

Q. Was it ever a thought or a decision you had to make?

Q. What does it say about the culture of this group that no one is sitting this out despite everything they potentially do have to lose individually? What does it say about the culture of the group that you don't have one single guy sitting this one out despite everything they have to lose individually, the NFL draft?
TYLER BIADASZ: That's just the passion for the game. I mean, I think the culture is really rich in tradition. I love it. We're always here for one another. We're brothers. We truly are. And it says a lot just like the fact that we are who we are and that's it. I mean, it's not -- I don't really understand the question.

Q. What kind of -- last year at this time we were all kind of asking you whether you thought you were going to stay or go. What made you come back after last season and what kind of things did you want to accomplish?
TYLER BIADASZ: I wasn't done here. I mean, I wanted to compete for a Big Ten, National Championship, and it really drove me and the fact that I had another, just the challenge itself. A lot of guys left and I wanted us to be back to do that with the O line and that's really impactful for me. But I just love this group. And I although of the guys who I was playing with. It wasn't a hard decision. I mean, I'm very happy. It was a pretty quick decision. I love these guys and it's a really great group and I'm looking to compete.

Q. What do you feel about your decision, coming off last season, 8-5 record versus where, if it is your last game, where you're going to leave the program?
TYLER BIADASZ: I'm just focused on playing this game and being with my brothers. I'm really not looking at that until way after the season, a week or two after the season. I'm here to play and that's what I'm focused on, just want to win a Rose Bowl.

Q. Jonathan's game, when you're playing, when you watch him in person, what stands out that maybe doesn't even come across in film that sets him apart?
TYLER BIADASZ: His vision. I mean, his vision is it's incredible. I mean, the fact that he could find like slivers and like super, super tiny holes. It's pretty crazy. And then I think the second thing is how he can come off a tackle. I mean, the dude breaks how many damn tackles, it's unreal.

Q. It's like you look up, he's past the line.
TYLER BIADASZ: If he gets into the second level, it's like makes the guy miss, it's like good luck. And that's what we try to do. We try to get him on many one-on-one situations as we can. We try to block it to the point where he has more options than one. And when you have that with him, honestly without our backs, it sounds special, but with him it's just different. And I mean he's just one of a kind, man.

Q. I know like a lot of running backs have different relationships with offensive lines. What's his relationship with you guys and how you work together behind the scenes?
TYLER BIADASZ: He's definitely a great player to like look up to in a way because he's going through how many carries and how many hits, and he really raises the standard of a running back.

He definitely raises the standard of an O lineman because if you have to block, like, for example, like right before halftime at Ohio State -- like when he's in, you have a chance to go the distance for sure. You've got to block it, just a sliver, to perfection, and it can go a long way, and he can make a lot of guys miss.

And that's what the attitude I think we have, is no one seems like perfect, but like if you block here, if we can block it, how you can block each and every play, good things are going to happen.

And he's done a great job of giving us feedback in the huddle where it hit or kind of the sideline. And so, I mean, he's done a great job of that aspect, too, and just the leadership he has on and off the field. And if you ever meet him, he's the most humblest guy you'll ever meet.

Q. When you look at the numbers he put up like two or three seasons now and how crazy they were, how surprising is it to you to see a guy who has that kind of production three years in a row, the yards, the carries?
TYLER BIADASZ: When you're training with him and you're with him, you're not as surprised. When you see him like squat 600 pounds, you know that he's coming; it's like a train.

I mean, I'm not surprised. I'm definitely really proud of him. But, I mean, the intent he has each and every offseason so far has been so driven and so motive -- like he has that edge to him all the time, and he's coming, man.

Q. As a teammate, was it disappointing he didn't get to New York?
TYLER BIADASZ: You know, it's not as like sad, but it's more like is he deserving of it? Absolutely. And those guys there, are they deserving of it? Yeah. But I think a running back takes a lot more to do that, what he does. Especially like this day and age, you don't find running backs there as much anymore. Just comparing his stats with some of the former running back Heisman winners, it's like you wish he was there. But I'm glad he won the Doak, but definitely wish he could have got down there.

Q. What does he do on the field that you're going to take with you? The numbers that he's been able to put up consistently is ridiculous. From your perspective, blocking for him, what does J.T. do that impresses you the most?
TYLER BIADASZ: He has the same mentality every play. You're not going to see a different J.T. He's really consistent with his approach and how he goes about it, his work ethic, craft, on and off the field. Just he's consistently great. And that's hard to do, and he does it pretty damn well.

Q. Where has Jack Coan made the biggest strides from last season to this?
TYLER BIADASZ: I would definitely say his leadership growth. He's a great guy on and off the field and he's a competitor every time he steps his foot on the field. And that's a lot.

And that competitive edge he has and the strive for perfection that he has is really consistently like dominant, and he's always out there getting extra work and he's like one of the hardest workers we have and you really respect that about him.

Q. He made a point to meet with the players at the beginning of this year. How much do you think that has helped him progress as a quarterback and develop his confidence?
TYLER BIADASZ: I definitely feel that he definitely connected well and builds a lot of relationships this last offseason, but I think it builds confidence just to be a team player and to be a team leader like he is.

And you have to obviously get to know your players to have that same mindset or like share that same mindset of going out and competing. And when you have that, when you build on your relationships, it makes you a stronger bond of the brotherhood that we have with Coan and others. It's definitely big.

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