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December 27, 2019

Jack Coan

Pasadena, California

Q. How have those helped?
JACK COAN: I feel like he's really helped a lot with my throwing motion. I feel like a lot of quarterback coaches kind of focus on the feet and don't touch the upper body, but he's a big upper body mechanics guy. He's really helped a lot with that and just being very compact up top.

I'd say a lot of it is the rotation up top too.

Q. And you said you obviously still keep in contact with him, and he still gives you pointers.
JACK COAN: Absolutely. He'll still text me throughout the season and tell me good job in certain games and give me a few things to work on.

Q. Now, as far as the season is concerned, what do you think was the biggest turning point for you?
JACK COAN: I'm not really sure what the biggest turning point was. I feel like the whole season was just a lot of fun, and it's just good to be out here with a good group of guys and having fun with them.

Q. Now, you also made a point to get to know your teammates One-on-one starting at the beginning of this year. How do you think that has helped you in your progression as a quarterback, and how has that helped you gain more confidence?
JACK COAN: Yeah, I think it helps a lot because, as the quarterback of the team, you want to be a leader that guys can look up to and relate to and talk to. You want guys to be comfortable with you, every guy on the team, and just building relationships with guys really helps that trust on the field too.

Q. Have you had a chance to study Oregon's defense? And if so, what makes that defense unique from the other defenses you've played against?
JACK COAN: Yeah, I'd say their athleticism and play-making ability. They've got great players all over the field, great athletes. They cause a lot of turnovers. They get after the quarterback. They do a lot of things really well.

Q. So what do you believe would be critical to defuse their strengths?
JACK COAN: I'd say just recognizing their defenses and getting the ball out of my hands and making good decisions.

Q. One final thing. When you were in high school, what were the most important things that you learned from Coach Haas or anybody that you still take with you to today?
JACK COAN: Yeah, I definitely owe a lot to Coach Haas, and he's taught me so much about the game. He really taught me a lot about how to read defenses and about the Xs and Os of football. I would just say from a mentality standpoint, just being a leader and never giving up and always fighting as hard as you can.

Q. So what's it like being a team leader out here with the guys, and how did you like being out here with your teammates?
JACK COAN: It's really fun. This whole experience has been amazing so far. We've done a lot of cool events so far, and I know we're going to do a couple more, and it's been exciting.

Q. How are the practices going?
JACK COAN: They're going good. We had our first one yesterday, and it was just good to get out there and play in California.

Q. Looking forward to the game, what do you look for in tackling the defense of Oregon? What are the things that you needed to prepare differently and look for in their defense?
JACK COAN: Just like any other week, we've got to study their defense, study the looks, study the personnel and team matchups and everything like that. They've got a great group of guys, and they've got some unbelievable talents over there.

Q. Sorry if this was asked already, but Oregon's defense, what's the biggest thing, problems they pose for you guys that you see maybe on tape for them?
JACK COAN: I'd say they're really athletic. They've got great athletes all over the field. They're great players. They're well coached. They cause a lot of turnovers. They get after the quarterback. It's going to be a tough game for us.

Q. Is there a team maybe that you've played that kind of reminds you of what you're about to face on New Year's Day?
JACK COAN: I'm not sure. I haven't really -- I'd say, honestly, I think just schematically-wise, they do a lot of things similar to our defense, so maybe our defense. I mean, they're a really, really good defense. So it's going to be tough.

Q. How about their secondary in particular? They have a pretty nice combination of outside corners. So just what about those guys, 4, 6, and 8? What have you seen of them on tape?
JACK COAN: They're unbelievable athletes. They can lock up in coverage. They can tackle. They can really do it all. I'm going to have to be on with location decisions.

Q. Jack, can you describe your emotions. Once you step out onto the Rose Bowl field that day, what will your adrenaline be like?
JACK COAN: I'm going to be super excited. Just to be part of this game, to be part of the history of the Rose Bowl game will be really special for me.

Q. What did you learn from the conference game coming into this game? How have you used what you learned from that game to benefit you for the team going forward?
JACK COAN: Yeah, obviously, we went back and studied that game and saw what we did well and didn't do well. I'd say the biggest thing is just limiting our mistakes and try to make as many plays as we can.

Q. Talk about your inspiration. Who inspires you?
JACK COAN: I would say my parents. My mom is the nicest human being you'd probably ever meet. She did so much for me growing up. I'd say my dad too. He's by far the hardest worker I've ever met and I think anyone would ever meet in your life. I would put him against anyone.

Q. What words of inspiration did they plant that inspire you?
JACK COAN: I'd say they kind of just remind me of how hard I worked, and they always pretty much say they think I was born to do this and to use my God given talents.

Q. So they're pretty proud of you?
JACK COAN: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Sometimes I think my dad might get a little too proud. But, yeah, it's been fun.

Q. What would you say to friends and family in preparation for this game?
JACK COAN: I would just want to thank them for everything they've done to this point. A lot of people helped me get here. I know everyone is going to be watching. I'm going to play for them and hopefully put a good performance on for them.

Q. Will you be that much more inspired simply because of the fact that you're at the Rose Bowl? How will that affect your performance?
JACK COAN: I'm not really sure how far it will affect my playing and everything like that. Obviously, I'm excited, and this is an amazing trip to be on, but once the game starts, it's just playing football again.

Q. This is a dream come true for you?
JACK COAN: Absolutely. You definitely watch the Rose Bowl growing up and see all the history of it, and to think that you're a part of it is pretty special.

Q. By chance, did you look at the 2011 game?
JACK COAN: No, I didn't go back and watch the film, but I've definitely seen a bunch of clips from that. Yeah, I mean, I think we were here three years in a row, but we never won it. Hopefully, we can win it for those guys.

Q. So talk about the weather. How do you like the weather here?
JACK COAN: Yeah, I like it. It's about 60 and sunny right now. So that's kind of perfect playing weather for me.

Q. How's the weather back home?
JACK COAN: It's cold. It's definitely cold. We haven't had too much snow yet, which has been nice.

It's going to get worse throughout the winter.

Q. Who's your player that inspired you? Is there a professional player that you try to emulate or look at?
JACK COAN: I'm not really sure. I'd say any of the great quarterbacks in the league right now. I mean, obviously, I can say Tom Brady. Just the way he basically puts his whole life aside for football, and that is his life, and he does everything he can to be great. I'd say probably him.

Q. Any final words you want to say to anyone that will be watching the game?
JACK COAN: I'm just excited to go. It will be fun.

Q. You mind telling me a little bit about Jonathan Taylor and the leadership he brings to this offense?
JACK COAN: Yeah, J.T. is an unbelievable leader. I think the big thing with his leadership is he's such a genuine person. He's extremely humble with all his success, and he's just a great guy to every person on the team, not just the guys who play or anything like that. Just he's a special kid.

Q. So I think first things first, tell me about the trip out here. You guys have a good time, painless travel?
JACK COAN: Yeah, it was great. We were on a big plane. I got to sit first class, and a bunch of other guys got to. It was some cool seats. They got to kind of stretch out. You could lay down if you wanted to. It was pretty amazing being on a plane like that, and it was pretty smooth.

Q. That's a nice Christmas present, right?
JACK COAN: Absolutely.

Q. So Wisconsin has such a history of playing in this game. What does it mean to this program to be in the Rose Bowl?
JACK COAN: It means a ton. I feel like you walk around our stadium, and you see tons of things about the Rose Bowl in our stadium. If you win the Rose Bowl, you get your year put up in the stadium. So you see Rose Bowl teams coming back from 25 years ago. To think we could be part of that history, it would be pretty amazing.

Q. So you guys in the Big Ten title game had a pretty intense pass rusher coming in in Chase Young. You guys have another really solid defense you're going to face next week. How do you feel like the two teams compare in that aspect, or do you feel like they compare at all?
JACK COAN: I feel like they compare a lot. Both between Oregon and Ohio State, they both have amazing athletes on the field that get after the quarterback and make big plays. They're an amazing defense. It's going to be tough for us.

Q. Jonathan said for him one of the biggest things he's going to focus on is making quick decisions. What about you? What's the biggest thing that you want to focus on knowing the athletic defense you're going to face?
JACK COAN: Yeah, I would say for me the biggest thing is recognizing the defense and making good decisions and putting the ball in the right spot. I can't really be off on the location with DBs as good as Oregon.

Q. Is that also similar to Ohio State, or how are you preparing for a team you've never faced in your entire collegiate career?
JACK COAN: I feel like you study them just like you study any other team. Obviously, you have a little more time now that the semester's ended. You have a few weeks to prepare for the Bowl. You study them just like any other team and go through the situations and go through the personnels and everything like that.

Q. Tell me a little bit about your offensive line. I know you've got a big guy right here on the side of you. Can you tell me about some of your guys and what they've meant and how important they've been to your success this season.
JACK COAN: They've been everything to my success. I owe a ton of credit to them. I'm really thankful to have them as my O-line. Just a really tight knit group of guys that want to be great and work really hard.

Q. Tell me a bit about your center. I believe he won the Rimington award for the best center. Pretty cool to say you have the best center in college football right now.
JACK COAN: Yeah, it's pretty amazing for me because just to see the hard work that he's put in and get that honor. It's just amazing for me because I'm in between the best center and the best running back in the country. Not many people can ever say that.

Q. How's this whole thing been for you guys?
JACK COAN: It's been amazing so far. It was pretty cool going to Disneyland. I know we have a few more events planned. It's cool being in L.A. too. First time.

Q. First time to be in L.A.?

Q. Are you excited about the Beef Bowl?
JACK COAN: I heard some good things about it.

Q. How much do you think you can put down?
JACK COAN: I don't even know what they look like.

Q. A pound and a half of prime rib. You've got a game coming up. You've got to process that.
JACK COAN: Yeah, I'll take it easy.

Q. As a fellow Long Island guy, how does it feel for a guy from Sayville to end up in Madison, Wisconsin?
JACK COAN: Honestly, I didn't know much about Wisconsin, but they came and watched me throw and offered me. I kind of took a visit there not really knowing anything about it. Right away, I loved everything about it. I loved the campus, and I loved the coaching staff, and obviously great academics and everything.

Q. So they came and visited you first?
JACK COAN: Yeah, just to see me throw.

Q. Was that during the season or the off-season?
JACK COAN: No, it was in the winter, I think. Maybe after my sophomore year.

Q. During your actual high school career, because I know you guys play on Saturdays, and that's not easy. How much of a burden was that to be where you can't take an official on Saturday unless it's an off week, and they obviously can't come see you unless it's an off week. So how much of a challenge is that compared to a lot of your teammates who are in high school who play on Fridays?
JACK COAN: Yeah, it was a little challenge. Obviously, it was tough for me because obviously I could have visited these places on Saturdays and watched a lot of college football games, which I would have loved to do. I just had to take the visits after the season, which was fine. I always kept in contact with the coaches during the season. So it wasn't too bad.

Q. You're probably sick of answering this question, but what separates Jonathan Taylor from the other good running backs?
JACK COAN: I'd say his athleticism. Honestly, his vision, his balance, everything you want in a running back, he has. I think what truly probably separates him is his hard work and just mentality.

Q. How does he carry himself off the field?
JACK COAN: He's as nice a person as you'll ever find. Truly a genuine person and extremely humble with all the success. So he's a special kid.

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