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December 26, 2019

Creed Humphrey

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. One of these LSU guys, when we asked them about your offensive line, a lot of them say, they're probably not as good as they were last year. Something is working for them up front. What do you feel is working? Clearly you have a confident and strong offensive line.
CREED HUMPHREY: Yeah, I think it's just the physicality that we play with and the mentality we all hold. I just feel like each week we've had so far, we've improved each week. Just building chemistry and things like that throughout the year has gotten stronger. Just a culmination of things really that say that we've improved. I can't say it's one spot, but just a series of things.

Q. Would you say there's a chip on the shoulder for this group? I don't want to say is there something to prove, but are you guys continuing to show that you are really a dominant unit?
CREED HUMPHREY: Definitely. I really think this is one of the best offensive lines in the country. I can truly say that having been a part of the best one last year. I know what this line is capable of.

We're just excited to keep improving each week and showing what we can do each week.

Q. (Indiscernible).
CREED HUMPHREY: Yeah, I'm not a huge fashion guy, so my input probably doesn't matter.

Q. Did you fight it at all, having to put it on to come here?
CREED HUMPHREY: No, no, just threw it on. That's what they asked, so I just did it.

Q. CeeDee has had a different quarterback the last three years but the numbers have been the same. What's he like in practice? What does he do to make sure the QB knows I'm the guy you need to go to?
CREED HUMPHREY: You know, just anytime CeeDee touches the ball there's something special that has a chance to happen every play. You know, just really that. You can see it in practice. You know he's someone who's really driven, really focused. He gives it a ton of effort every time he touches the field, no matter what field he's on. Just things like that really prove what kind of player he is.

Q. That moment that you remember seeing him in practice, you would think you were out here playing for the Super Bowl or something like that --
CREED HUMPHREY: I wouldn't say there's any specific moment. He's just someone that shows up to work every day and doesn't really ever complain about it.

Q. Does it ever surprise you that you guys have had a different quarterback each year and each year he keeps putting up those huge numbers?
CREED HUMPHREY: No, it doesn't surprise me. I've seen for three years what he's capable of, and I truly believe he's probably the best wide receiver in the country. Just seeing some of the things he's done has been really impressive, and I'm not really surprised. I don't think it matters what quarterback he has, he's going to be able to make something happen.

Q. Have you seen him, when Jalen got here, hey, let's go throw, put in some extra work?
CREED HUMPHREY: Yeah, definitely. He got the other wide receivers and the other quarterbacks and they were working every day. It was really good to see as far as from a leadership standpoint for him, being able to do that.

Q. What's it like to have to block for that dude over there, not knowing where in the hell he's at, at any point in time? Do you get used to it?
CREED HUMPHREY: You get used to it for sure. Getting to block for now I guess I've been blocking for three of the best quarterbacks in the country that you can find for three years now, so it's pretty exciting. They all have their different styles, but it's fun each year. It doesn't really matter who I'm protecting for.

Q. He's probably a gift compared to who you've been blocking for, right, as far as scrambling and getting out and stuff. What about this offense makes it so good?
CREED HUMPHREY: Really just the mentality and the drive this offense has. You know, we put up good numbers and stuff, but that's not what we're trying to do. We're trying to just dominate our job every single play, whistle to whistle. We put up good numbers, but that's not really our focus. Our focus is doing our job to the best of our ability, and everyone on this offense is driven to do that. Everybody is hungry to be able to do more. I think that's just a culmination of those kinds of things has made us a really good offense.

Q. Is there a toughness to this offense that you don't get a lot of credit for?
CREED HUMPHREY: I'd definitely say there's a ton of toughness on this team. You go through our games this year, you've seen so many moments of adversity, fighting back from a -- I don't really remember how many points it was against Baylor, but just coming from behind and winning that game, playing a ridiculously good second half.

Just going through these moments of adversity, you could say this team has shown a ton of toughness and a ton of heart and a ton of hunger. I really enjoy playing for this team. Obviously I love everybody on this team for that reason. I feel like everybody has one goal in mind, and you don't really find that in a lot of programs across the country.

Q. You guys' ability to get back here repeatedly is remarkable. What is that a testament to?
CREED HUMPHREY: Really just the drive and the culture of this program. This program is used to winning, and we're never going to take that for granted. Every win for us is a big win. Just really the drive that we have is really a testament to how we get back here each and every year.

Q. What have you seen from the LSU defense?
CREED HUMPHREY: They're a really solid group for sure. You don't really see any weak spots in the defense. It's a fun challenge for sure, and we're excited.

Q. Are they a real -- are they a big-game line or is it more of just how --
CREED HUMPHREY: They really have it all up front. They have really good pass rushers, good run stoppers. They have a lot of depth, too, so if any of them get tired they can bring someone else in to play, so it's going to be a really big challenge for us, and we're excited to play.

Q. Can you explain about the comfort level going through this, the playoff, there's so much more attention, so many more eyeballs. Can you talk about the comfort level that you've been here so much it's kind of old hat at this point?
CREED HUMPHREY: Yeah, most of the guys in this room have been here, been here a couple times really. Everybody has gotten used to it. We know what to expect, everything that we have to do. No one is really taken back by it. Everyone is going to be focused and just ready for the game.

Q. Is it boring?
CREED HUMPHREY: I wouldn't say it's boring. Getting to come here, not very many people have this opportunity. So we don't take that for granted at all for sure, but we're just really focused on the game.

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