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December 26, 2019

Neville Gallimore

Atlanta, Georgia

NEVILLE GALLIMORE: We look at it as an opportunity to get back to where we needed to be and kind of take that next step.

Q. Obviously a huge accomplishment to get here. You guys the last two years have fallen short in this game. How much does that bug you and motivate you to win this one?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: You know, as a competitor, you're always going to -- the end goal is always to win and to win at a high level. Obviously the past season hasn't worked out like that, but you have that opportunity, it's presented itself again, and we're just looking for an opportunity to make the most of the game, and here it is. Here it is. We've prepared, and we're looking for that opportunity to play.

Q. What is it about this team that will make the outcome be different this year?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: That bond that we have. The bond that we have and that chemistry, and just the fact that everybody has bought into what we're trying to do. You know, just having the right mentality and just being able to overcome adversity when we're faced with it, and just having that trust in the coaches, but having that trust in each other to play ball, play at a high level, and to make every play count.

Q. What is it about Joe Burrow that makes him a special player?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: He's a playmaker. He's got a great O-line blocking for him, Heisman award winner. You look at stuff he's done on film, it's impressive. We have an opportunity to compete against him, and we're definitely looking forward to that.

Q. You guys have seen this kind of offense for a long time. Does that make it easier for you guys to defend them?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: I feel like you can't really say easy, especially when it comes to a game like this. To make it to this point, nothing was ever easy. They do their job, they do a great job with what they do, and you know, at the end of the day, the biggest thing is we're focused on us and how can we be at our best and how can we play our best ball. We have an opportunity to do that against a great opponent.

Q. But you guys are used to going against offenses like this, that's going to help some, isn't it?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: Yeah, I definitely feel like it's not something that we're used to in a way, but obviously the way they do things is the reason why they're so successful. Just got to make sure we get lined up and play with a lot of effort and just continue to fly around.

Q. Everybody has talked about the weapons on the outside for LSU and how you all have (indiscernible) athleticism is one underrated aspect, but Joe Burrow is not the fastest person, but he's elusive and can get downfield with his feet. How do you make sure he doesn't go for big yards?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: It just comes back down to making sure that we're solid on our assignment. This game, obviously, is never going to be like a perfect call, but there's always going to be an opportunity for every guy to make plays and make plays at a high level.

Again, he's a playmaker. He's done things that we haven't really seen too many quarterbacks do. But at the end of the day, you've got to play ball. We've got to sell out, maximize our opportunities, make the most out of them, and just continue to trust what we're doing, trust in our preparation, and we'll get results.

Q. The seriousness of Saturday at 4:00, we know you're locked into it, but you've had some time to be here in Atlanta. What's it been like being in the city? What are some of your favorite points of being in the city, some of the things you've experienced?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: You know, I'm kind of really low maintenance, kind of a low-key kind of guy. I didn't really have an opportunity spending it in the city, and I kind of just walked around this area, the little events, the team competition stuff, that stuff was cool. Really nice hotel, the College Football Hall of Fame was cool.

Just culture has been good. I'm Jamaican, so I've got to go to a couple Jamaican restaurants and the food was really good. I was impressed with that. For me personally it was more so like a business trip, so I kind of have a little bit of my fun afterwards.

I definitely love Atlanta, definitely love how welcoming the people have been since we've been here. It's definitely a cool place. I like it.

Q. You guys are down a couple of players with the suspension and injury on defense. How does that affect you guys as a defense?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: Yeah, you know, not really worried about that too much. Guys have an opportunity to play ball and step up, so it's a job that still has to get done and it has to get done at a high level, and we're looking to do just that.

Q. How much of a -- anything different about this year compared to the last two years you've been here?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: I'd just say the biggest difference that you're seeing guys consistently play at a high level in terms of the effort that they've shown. Just kind of showing that passion. I feel like a lot of people are able to say that, especially from a defensive standpoint.

Q. Experience, does it help you in a game like this?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: Definitely. I've been here four or five years, definitely grown as a player. Just knowing that you've got a group of guys that there's not going to be a moment that's too big for us, and this is an opportunity to perform on a big stage. A lot of hype going around this game, as it should. But we just get an opportunity to play ball against a solid opponent, and we're just looking for that opportunity.

Q. CeeDee talked about the run after catch. What are you better at now as a senior than say as a sophomore or junior? What's been different about you?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: Just the ability to get into the backfield, being able to have that high motor. I'm a guy who just likes to show -- I show how much I love the game by my effort. I'm a guy that never gives up no matter what. Definitely a guy that can get to the quarterback, be effective, but also just kind of be a person that can lead and be in any situation possible.

Q. Does LSU's offense remind you of anyone you've played?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: No, they do stuff that's a little bit different, just how they do it. Again, you've got Joe Moore winner, you've got the Heisman Trophy winner. The things that they do are obviously impressive. You look it at on tape, and again, we're just looking forward to the opportunity to compete against them. They've done great things, and it shows, but obviously we've taken some major steps. Obviously a lot of people don't see that, but that's not for us to listen to or talk about. We know the work we've put in, and we're looking for an opportunity to show that.

Q. Are you looking forward to showcasing what you can -- a lot of people ask who's the best defense and they would say Baylor or somebody else, but they didn't realize you guys were. Are you looking forward to showing people what your defense is all about?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: Absolutely. Again, the thing I love about this group is we don't really get caught up in the outside noise. I'm not the kind of person that really cares what people say about me, good or bad. I respect it. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But at the end of the day, I've still got a job, we've still got a job to do as a team, and it's going to get done at a high level. I feel like there's a reason why people can't play this game or can't survive because they're caught up in what other people are telling them, good or bad. You've got to make your own judgment and listen to the right voices, and the right voices are our coaches and the guy next to us that's grinding with us. That's all that matters at the end of the day.

Q. Have you talked to the guys you're losing, that are not going to play, have you talked to the guys that are coming in to replace them as a leader? Is that something you've done?
NEVILLE GALLIMORE: I've spoken to them a little bit, but again, you know, you play this game, you're part of this team, you know the opportunity is going to present itself, so you've just got to be ready to make the most of it. So those guys are hungry, champing at the bit to see that moment. Just looking forward to going to battle, going to war with those guys.

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