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December 26, 2019

Grant Delpit

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. (Indiscernible).
GRANT DELPIT: Georgia tired them a lot in the SEC championship game. I guess that's the offense Georgia has. Oklahoma is going to do the same thing. They have great receivers, so I don't think they're going to shy away from any competition.

Q. Is it like a matter of you've got to throw to somebody?
GRANT DELPIT: Yeah, you've got to throw to somebody.

Q. Even though you have 13 games of tape on them --
GRANT DELPIT: Yeah, I don't know. Maybe it go from just the QB favorite receiver being on that side, or I guess throw it to freshman, but he's definitely proved himself.

Q. I think you were really highly recruited. I don't know exactly what your ranking was, but there were a lot of five stars. When he got on campus as No. 1 corner in the country -- you guys were like, hey, five-star freshman, not like carry my towels but prove yourself? Do you give him a harder time?
GRANT DELPIT: We didn't give him a hard time. Probably the fans wanted to make a lot of plays and stuff like that, but we just took him under our wing and tried to show him the ropes. He's definitely proved himself.

Q. What's been the biggest key outside of superstars like yourself and Joe and several others? What would you say one of the keys has been to your team getting to this point?
GRANT DELPIT: Just finishing games. You know, I think that we put some good film on the past couple weeks, and that's kind of landed us in the No. 1 spot. Just finishing games, though, we had a rough game at Ole Miss. They had a great game plan for us, but as far as the last couple games we've played pretty good as a team overall, especially as a defense. So hopefully we can keep that going.

Q. How do you see your match-ups on the back end?
GRANT DELPIT: Great receivers against great DBs. So we're going to put on a show because they're going to throw the ball around a lot, try and get CeeDee the ball, he's a great player, and Jalen is going to run the ball a lot, and it's going to be a good match-up.

Q. Oklahoma, after injuries and graduation, they're playing with a whole lot of new people offensively. When you look at their personnel and your personnel, how do you see the match-up?
GRANT DELPIT: You know, I don't really see an advantage or anything like that. CeeDee was a Biletnikoff finalist, Jalen was a Heisman finalist. They've got good speed in the receiving room, good running backs. So it's going to be tough to stop. Those guys definitely have seen it all in the Big 12. They play good teams, and we're just ready for the game.

Q. Oklahoma has been able to take advantage of a lot the H-back coming out of the back field and the tight end coming down the seam. What kind of adjustments do you make as a safety when you've got to worry about CeeDee on the outside when you never know if the halfback is going to run right down the seam?
GRANT DELPIT: Yeah, it's going to be tough. We watch a lot of film trying to prepare for that. They've got a lot of trick plays and plays to get the playmakers the ball. It's going to be tough to stop. They have a great offensive scheme. They do a great job. It's going to be a fun game.

Q. Does Jalen look any different at Oklahoma to the Alabama version?
GRANT DELPIT: Yeah, I'll be seeing the little workouts he do and how big he's gotten. He looks like a running back to be honest. But he's definitely matured, I think, at Oklahoma. He's the Heisman finalist for a reason. He had a great year. It's going to be hard to stop.

Q. Does it help that you've seen him before?
GRANT DELPIT: Yeah, it's tough because of the different offense. He runs the ball a lot more at Oklahoma. They try to make plays around him to fit his play style. Alabama I think he was still a sophomore when he played, but he's definitely matured, gotten way better since then.

Q. Does he throw the ball better or just more?
GRANT DELPIT: Man, I don't know. I think they run the ball more than they did at Alabama with him. They've got a lot of good receivers at Oklahoma. They try to -- it's a good scheme. I don't know which Jalen Hurts was better, but he's a great player overall.

Q. Do you like -- when the other team has a receiver like CeeDee Lamb, Charleston Rambo, does that get your juices going a little bit?
GRANT DELPIT: A little bit. It's great to see some competition. We see competition every week in the SEC. This guy, these guys at Oklahoma, they definitely are great players. CeeDee is a great player. I played with CeeDee little league, a lot of people don't know that, in Texas, sixth to eighth grade. We played on the same team, so I know all about CeeDee. We talk all the time. He's a great player.

Q. You'll have conversations with him out there during the game?
GRANT DELPIT: Oh, during the game definitely. He was the first person I called when I was watching TV and it came out the playoff rankings that we were playing him, so he was the first person I called. It's going to be some competition.

Q. Were you defense, offense?
GRANT DELPIT: I played defense. I played corner. I was small, small. It was like sixth through eighth grade, so it was probably the smallest one on the team. I didn't get my growth spurt until like junior year in high school. He was one of the biggest ones on the team. He played running back and receiver. We never lost a game in three years. So it was a cool experience.

Q. How old were you guys?
GRANT DELPIT: How old were we, sixth through eighth grade and then we played on a seven-on-seven travel team in high school. So we always was around each other.

Q. Wow, that's cool.
GRANT DELPIT: Yeah, it's pretty cool.

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