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December 26, 2019

Lloyd Cushenberry III

Atlanta, Georgia

LLOYD CUSHENBERRY III: A lot of confidence. It doesn't really matter who's in there. Up front we've got to do our job, so those guys can make plays. We've got to control the guys up front so they can do what they do. They're very well-coached, have a Super Bowl winning guy in their room. They're prepared.

Q. It's one thing for you to do your job, but when you're confident the other guys are going to do their job, you aren't trying to overkill, do too much, you just focus on getting it done. Is that the advantage of having some young guys, like I trust them to hit the right hole, I don't have to do anything extra?
LLOYD CUSHENBERRY III: Yeah, just that trust you build in practice, and obviously because we know -- we know everybody on this team puts in a lot of work this off-season, this summer, coming in extra on Saturday. Running plays, getting that execution down. We all trust one another and we know the work that we all put in.

Q. I wanted to ask you about Joe. Obviously we know his importance to this offense. But when he came in, how much did things change? Obviously him and Steve were working together, but when they started making that change, how much did things change around?
LLOYD CUSHENBERRY III: It changed a lot. We knew from day one this offense was going to be completely different. I knew we were changing things a lot, but yeah, it's been a lot of change, and change for the better.

Q. What is he like? Obviously you don't work with him directly that much, but I guess he's around.
LLOYD CUSHENBERRY III: Just like one of us. He's a young guy. He always -- he's clowning with his receivers all the time. He wears the shoes we wear. He wears the things we wear. He's just like one of the guys.

Q. Is he relatable?

Q. What other qualities does he have as a QB? How would you describe him?
LLOYD CUSHENBERRY III: Very smart. He knows a lot about a lot of things. Dealing with football, he knows what he's supposed to do. He knows his receivers. He knows a lot. Very relatable and very smart.

Q. The guys have talked about Clyde, how he shares a lot of advice. That has to help, right?
LLOYD CUSHENBERRY III: Yeah, I feel like not a lot has changed with Clyde being out. He's been talking to those guys a lot in between practices and getting them ready for Saturday. I feel like they've been great, so not a lot has really been different.

Q. The maturity that they have, do they understand the moment that they're in right now?
LLOYD CUSHENBERRY III: Yeah, I think so. Haven't got a chance to really talk to them about that. So I don't want to hype it up too much. But I feel like they'll be ready. I feel like they've prepared all season for this moment, and I feel like they're going to do great.

Q. In regards to the trust on this team, I feel like a lot of your success has been because of the trust you have in one another and your willingness to do your job.
LLOYD CUSHENBERRY III: Yeah, I feel like we all know the work that we put in during the off-season and the summer, so we all trust one another to do their job and get the job done on the field.

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