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December 23, 2019

Nick Basquine

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Nick, how do you feel being here?
NICK BASQUINE: Grateful. Especially being my last year, having a chance for a National Championship. You can't ask for more.

Q. Nick, you've been part of a lot of these bowl games. How different is this one because of the way the calendar schedule falls this time, the timeline being compressed?
NICK BASQUINE: It definitely got on us quicker than normal. Normally we would go home. But we understood what we were trying to do. And also, the approach we took this year as a team has been a little bit different, and I think it will benefit us in the game.

Q. Do you feel like it's easier maybe to maintain some offensive rhythm, given y'all just played your last game three weeks ago versus four or five?
NICK BASQUINE: No, not really. Obviously, we finally got that continuity throughout the whole season. But the weeks off like you mentioned, could be difficult. I think it's about how you approach the game.

We've been focusing on certain things, loose ends we can fix as an offense, as a team, as a whole. So I think focusing on how you can get better during that stretch will translate into the game.

Q. Nick, not many guys get to go through six bowl trips, bowl preparations. Does it feel strange? This is kind of the last time
NICK BASQUINE: Yeah. I hadn't really thought about it too much. I would say if I knew this was my last game, I would probably approach it different. But just having the chance to play another game after this, I'm more so focused on the task at hand rather than trying to soak it all in.

Q. Have you had a favorite trip so far?
NICK BASQUINE: Probably the Sugar Bowl or the Rose Bowl was pretty fun. Those two are probably my top two, for sure, for different reasons. Probably New Orleans for the food. And the Rose Bowl, I've never been to California before, and the weather was so nice out there too.

Q. Is there any focus on, after what happened last year, falling behind against Alabama, just starting faster, sort of the importance of coming out and keeping it closer early?
NICK BASQUINE: Yeah, definitely. That's kind of been one of our main points throughout the bowl prep is starting fast, amongst other things. But yeah, that's kind of been an Achilles' heel when we get in these types of games. So just starting fast and what it takes to start fast; just doing what we do, making routine plays, things like that.

Q. What does it take? It's hard to come out and decide you're going to play your best football and it sounds easy. What's something you can do to control that?
NICK BASQUINE: Just focusing on what's made you successful to get you to this point, playing in a playoff game. Just making routine plays and not beating yourself or putting yourselves behind the chains, little things like that. Not getting unnecessary penalties. Just playing clean football. I think that will help get you to start fast.

Q. What are some of the challenges you've seen from the LSU defense?
NICK BASQUINE: They've got great personnel, they've got good players on that side. They're not going to just mess around, disguise too much. They're just going to try to beat you man on man, say they're better than you. They've got a lot of good players, so it will be a good matchup.

Q. Nick, what do you see from Number 24 on LSU's defense? He's a freshman.
NICK BASQUINE: Yeah, got some length to him, a little bit lighter. But he's a good player. He's on their team for a reason. If he's out there, we're going to play whoever is in front of us.

Q. Nick, you mentioned the food in New Orleans. If you get back there, what's your favorite?
NICK BASQUINE: I was at Cafe Dumond all the time. The beignets, that was my thing. I wasn't too big on the Cajun, seafood, even though my last name's Creole. I've got a little bit of family down there, but those beignets were my thing up there.

Q. Where's your family?
NICK BASQUINE: My grandfather, who is deceased, grew up in Labarre, Louisiana.

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