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December 15, 2019

Abraham Ancer

Melbourne, Australia

Q. Overall comments on how the match went from your perspective?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Well, obviously it was going to be a tough match no matter what. Have to have my A Game in order to have a chance to beat Tiger; he's been playing really well. I knew going into the match no matter what, I was going to come out a better player just from being in this situation. I think that was the case.

Obviously I wanted to win the match, and I did everything possible to win the match. I just didn't execute the way I wanted some shots that were key, and just got to move on.

Q. Regardless of the outcome today, you mentioned it, playing well in this pressure, what do you think that's going to do for you next year on the PGA TOUR?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, exactly, just putting myself in situations with a lot of pressure and being able to execute will obviously help me become a better player, and that's one of the reasons that I thought it was going to be really cool to play against Tiger. Being in that situation will definitely make me a better player. I've got a lot of grief from people, like, are you kidding me, I never like said it in a competitive way or talky way. I just thought the situation would make me a better player.

But I was a little bit off and wasn't really quite hitting the ball like I wanted to. Grinded out there and had a chance. Didn't happen. I'm going to go with my boys and try to root them on to turn it around and get this cup.

Q. That experience out there, how did you handle coming up against that in this type of environment?
ABRAHAM ANCER: It's obviously tough, but I've played with Tiger before. Doesn't matter where you go. It's going to be tough and a lot of people are going to be behind him, which is cool. I think being in those situations will definitely make me a better player.

I knew going into this match, no matter the outcome, I was just going to come out of there a better player, and I think I did. I felt good out there. Like I said, didn't quite execute, but I feel like it's a great experience and it's going to help me throughout my career.

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