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December 15, 2019

Tiger Woods

Melbourne, Australia

Q. Taking the hat off as the putt is rolling in, what is going through your mind seeing that ball track to the hole?
TIGER WOODS: Probably like six feet out -- hat might have gone maybe a little early, but it was over.

Q. You said last night you wanted to apply pressure and get yourself out first and get your team that first point. How important was it to set the tone today, being two back coming into the session?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I think I went with experience. I've been out in this session before as leadofff batter and I did it at Oakland Hills against Paul Casey. I'm familiar with being out front and having to lead the team from there.

I didn't play yesterday, so I was well rested game-wise and felt like I was hitting the ball well.

Q. You have 11 other matches and you're the captain, even though you didn't have the advice duties while you were out there competing. Did you allow yourself to look around at the board? How was that experience?
TIGER WOODS: It was interesting, the only time I ever looked at the board all day, because I had to take care of my match, was Tony. I looked up at the board twice, and saw he was 3-up, and then he was all-square. I didn't know how any of the other matches are, so I'd like to find out right now.

Q. 2013 was the last time you competed at Muirfield Village for the United States Team. You told me before the week, you couldn't wait to get back out here and play in front of all this craziness. What was it like for you after all the experiences you've been through to play for the red, white and blue?
TIGER WOODS: I love playing with my teammates, and couldn't have a better group of guys to be the captain for. So having the ability to do both this week has been just a special experience and one that I will never forget.

Now we need to go ahead and win this cup today.

Q. Leading your team by example, well-played.
TIGER WOODS: Thanks. I've been in this position before. At Oakland Hills, I was leadoff man against Paul Casey. I know what it feels like to go out up front. It is a lot of pressure.

But I had a day off of playing yesterday. I felt like my game was good. I just need to go out there and focus on my game. I don't know how any of the matches are right now, which it's killing me not to look. I looked twice out there and saw Tony was 3-down, and then a hole and a half later I looked up on the board and he was all-square.

The rest of the matches, I have no idea what they are doing.

Q. What about Abraham, he kept coming at you and coming at you?
TIGER WOODS: He did. He did. He's been playing well all week. This golf course is a perfect golf course. He putts well. I figured I have the same ability to do that, as well. I understand how to play this kind of golf. It's a links golf course, which I've done well in British Opens and it's like putting at Augusta, which I've been well before; combo platter.

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