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December 15, 2019

Tiger Woods

Melbourne, Australia

Q. What was your messaging before sending these guys out today?
TIGER WOODS: I trust my team and my teammates. As I told you yesterday, we love our lineup from 1 to 12, and go out there and just focus on our own thing, do our own thing, and go get points. From 1 to 12, we're pretty stout, and we loved our match-ups. I know Ernie has a lot of belief in his team, as he should, and I have a lot of belief in my guys, too.

Q. Over the years, we've seen you dominate on the golf course and we've seen you come-from-behind on the golf course and you did that as a captain today. How do you compare that to being a player?
TIGER WOODS: To have Stricks and Coups and Zach, they did an amazing job. Obviously when I'm playing, I can't captain. I have to go out there and play be responsible for my point. I was able to do that for three of my points and three of my matches.

These guys were the real heros this week. They did an amazing job and all the other guys went out there and played.

Q. So many memories that you've made, not only this week but through the who process. If there were one or two things that you would like to remember from this team, what would it be?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I'm just so proud of the guys for coming together. That was the belief. We had trust in one another. This format, it's tough, because the old format is everyone had to play every day, so you knew you were guaranteed to play four days or four matches.

We changed the format with the captain's agreement earlier and went from mandatory two sessions prior to singles to now one, and we knew the sacrifices the guys would have to make, and they came together and they made sacrifices. The whole idea was for us to come together as a team and we win as a team and lose as a team, but we were able to make a huge come back today and win this Cup.

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