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December 14, 2019

Justin Thomas

Rickie Fowler

Melbourne, Australia

Morning Four-Ball

Q. What is it about the big moments that brings out the best in you?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's really all of us. That's why we're on this team. That's why we play and why we choose professional golf as our career. We want that putt. We were fortunate that it was to win the match instead of keeping going. We did what we need to do today but hopefully these guys will pull it together behind us.

Q. How much did you relish the role of going out with this man and going out first for the United States?
RICKIE FOWLER: I was ready to go. It was a bit of an early morning. We both had 3:50 alarms. That is was probably the least fun of it.

I knew we were going to play and do what we needed to do. Obviously we've played a lot of golf together. We ham-and-egg it well, and yeah, got the job done. That's what we needed to do, go get a point and go rest up now.

Q. How does this get turned around for you guys?
JUSTIN THOMAS: From the sound of, it we needs some putts to go in both of us today, we didn't do anything crazy, and Internationals, as well, they made some putts. This would have been a very, very tight match. That's how these team events goes. It's usually the team that's making the most putts. We've got a lot of really good putters on the team and hopefully they start falling soon.

Q. You guys continue to pair so well together. In the last Presidents Cup, 2 1/2 points and today was brilliant again.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, we did what we needed to do. Marc and Haotong, they wanted to play better than they did and we just got ourselves out in front early and kept the distance. Had a good time playing with them. They are obviously great guys. Like I said, we did what we needed to do.

Q. You're leading the team very well, three points through three matches so far. This afternoon do you think you'll be back out with Tiger?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I don't know. Maybe my matches are done with, and most importantly we need to get it back as a team. I'd much rather be 0-3 and us be winning by five or six points. You know, everyone that goes out there, we just have to go out there and try to do our job, and whoever I'm with or whoever Rick is with, we'll go out there and see what we can do.

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