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December 14, 2019

Dustin Johnson

Gary Woodland

Melbourne, Australia

Q. Dustin, you were saying that the golf course is difficult and challenging, and also the conditions, as well. What is it about this place?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: It's just so firm and fast. It's really hard to get it close to the hole and when you do get it close to the hole, a lot of times you're putting downhill and your putts are breaking a lot. It's hard to make putts. I felt like me and Gary played really good today against a tough team with Adam and Louis, and put a point on the board for the U.S.

Q. How would you describe how difficult it is to win one of these matches?
GARY WOODLAND: It's the first one I've won, so it's been really hard. We're just trying to get a point on the board. Captain told us this morning he was going to send us out early and try to put red up early and try to get the guys to ride the momentum.

Fortunately got off to a good start. Playing Louis and Adam is tough, especially playing them here. We're excited to get the point and hopefully carry the momentum tomorrow.

Q. You were able to take down two veterans on the International Team?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: I felt like we were in control the whole way. We made a bad bogey on 10, and other than that, we played really, really solid. Like I said, we were in control the whole way. We had a lot of putts to win holes. He hit some great shots. I hit a few good ones. Made some good up-and-downs. We played solid.

It was a tough match. We knew it was going to be tough at the start, but like I said, we played really solid and it's nice to get a point on the board.

Q. Was this an afternoon for you to seize the momentum?
GARY WOODLAND: We had to. Captain told us he was going to send us out early, and we needed to go out and change the momentum and flip it. It was nice for us and important for us to get off to a good start and get that point up, and hopefully the guys behind us ride that momentum. Fortunately we did it and we played well, and hopefully we can continue to do that gain tomorrow.

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