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December 13, 2019

Cameron Smith

Melbourne, Australia

CAMERON SMITH: The way they played, pretty impressive. Really good match against two good guys. We'll go out there and get them tomorrow.

Q. What was it like coming out today after sitting out tomorrow?
CAMERON SMITH: The first tee was really cool. The fans all day were great. I think they will get louder over the weekend which will work in our favor. Yeah, I love it.

Q. You could potentially be out there twice. You ready for that?
CAMERON SMITH: Absolutely. I'll play this golf course as much as I can. I love it out there.

Q. Was part of the anchor match that went to 18, how would you describe the back and forth tussle you had today?
CAMERON SMITH: It was good. It was a long match. I thought we had them there for awhile. The way they played the last four or five holes was really impressive, two really good guys, and we'll go out there tomorrow and try and get a win.

Q. How much were you chomping at the bit to go out there?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I loved it. Even yesterday was great just watching the guys. Obviously we had a really great session. I was pumped for the guys, and to go out there today, the first tee was really cool. The fans out here have been great. So yeah, it's been really good so far.

Q. What does this do confidence-wise?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I think it's good. Typically we've struggled in foursomes, so to get away with a halve, I mean, isn't so bad. I know we were looking good there for awhile, but I think we'll take confidence into the next couple days.

The fans were great and the first tee, I couldn't have asked for a better match.

Q. Some people say, it's another weekend, it's another tournament, but it's not really, is it. How are you handling it?
CAMERON SMITH: Not for us it's not. It's pretty intense on and off the course. It's just been awesome so far, everything I thought.

Q. Are you surprised how intense, finding yourself in the middle of one of the big stories of the week. Are you surprised people are talking about it?
CAMERON SMITH: Not really. I think it's pretty much said and done. I've said my bit. He's said his bit. That's about it.

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