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December 12, 2019

Tiger Woods

Justin Thomas

Melbourne, Australia

Q. First point for your own team, first time you've competed in the Presidents Cup since 2013, how important was it for to you get out early and get going?
TIGER WOODS: Well it was important for us, the U.S. I'd, and J.T. and I went out there and partnered up well. Got off to a quick start and got up on them early, and kind of held on from there.

Q. Tiger said you partnered well. What was working so well between the two of you today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Tiger was working so well between the two of us today. He played great. I mean, I just didn't really take advantage of the opportunities, but that's what you have a partner for. It was awesome. It's nice knowing when I step up on a par 3 or a par 4 that I feel free just because I know he's playing well, and he did.

Q. You told us last week that you were going to focus only on your match; right now the U.S. is down in three of the other four matches. When you take the captaincy back from Steve Stricker, what will you see to some of the guys?
TIGER WOODS: I don't think there's much so say other than going out and competing and let them play. They are in their own little worlds, and hopefully they can turn the matches around.

Q. Tiger got you guys off to a very hot start?
JUSTIN THOMAS: He played great today. It's no coincidence why we won. He really carried me out there, and you know, it was a tough day out there, and to have as many birdie putts as he had on a couple holes was the reason we won the match.

Q. Talk about the conditions and Royal Melbourne for you, the first time?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it's a lot of fun. It's a whole other element. I hit a 6-iron about 270 yards on the last hole and it's sometimes bizarre, having the clubs you have to hit and shots, but that's what makes this place so fun.

Q. Good start for the team but behind you, it's tight.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, you know, we did what we need to do and now we're going to go out and support the boys and see if we can flip a couple of these matches.

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