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December 12, 2019

Louis Oosthuizen

Abraham Ancer

Melbourne, Australia

Q. You guys played absolutely great golf. You were saying earlier that it was all down to Abraham Ancer. What's it like playing with someone that's hot today?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: My man just made everything. He hit it good. He hit fairways, greens, and it's all on him today. It was unreal.

Q. One of the seven rookies on the International side, how did you stay within yourself today?
ABRAHAM ANCER: It's so much fun, truly a pleasure playing with Louis. He made it feel easy out here, which is not easy. It's a very tough golf course. We had a lot of fun. We had a plan and I think we kept to our plan really well and I felt good out there, which gave me a lot of confidence and I made some putts.

Q. You never trailed and were 4-up through your first five holes. What was the biggest key in this match for you?
ABRAHAM ANCER: I think just having two balls in play and having two looks for birdie on every hole. Every time we got in trouble, we found a way to make par, and I think that was the biggest key for the match for sure.

Q. You've been a part of the Presidents Cup for a long time, United States has dominated this series. However this team seems to have a great unity and belief. How would you describe the atmosphere in this team room?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: We were ready on Tuesday already to go. Ernie and the captains has done such a great job getting all of us really invested in this, and we knew we had some good success on this golf course. So we were ready early this week, and we have a game plan. We stick with it. No one is trying anyone silly, and my man just played unbelievable golf. It was awesome to watch today.

Q. Officially you had your debut in the Presidents Cup. How did you feel? Were you nervous?
ABRAHAM ANCER: I was nervous. I thought I was going to feel more nervous than I actually felt on the first tee. I felt like we were prepared which helped a lot, but it was a lot of fun. We had fun and we focused and we executed well.

Q. You had a great stretch on the first few holes, how did you keep the momentum?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Starting good around this golf course is key. Gary and DJ didn't start well. When we got 4-up through five, it was always going to be tough for them to get it back, and whenever we were in trouble, we found a way to make pars. Abe kept us going with rolling beautiful putts. I think we executed the plan pretty good today.

Q. What was the reaction --
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: To get the inspiration from the 1998 teammates, and you know, what they went through, giving us some advice. We know this golf course. It gave us some good results in the past. Yeah, we really appreciated that.

Q. Reaction from that video last night?
ABRAHAM ANCER: It pumped me up, man. It gave me chills. We do feel like a team out here, which is key. It was awesome to watch that. I even watched it again before going to bed. Kind of just kept me in mind of what you want to feel out here and it was awesome.

Q. Especially up against the world No. 1 and the U.S. Open Champion, you must have been really pumped up.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: We were. I think the key thing was starting good, and we did. We went four birdies the first four holes, and you know, around this golf course, if you can get ahead, I think it's a lot easier keeping a lead than fighting back the whole time.

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