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December 12, 2019

Adam Hadwin

Melbourne, Australia

Q. If we can get some comments on your win?
ADAM HADWIN: Obviously we're going up against a good team. Xander and Patrick are both top players in the world. We're going to have to play well. We got off to just a crazy started. Sungjae chipping in on the first and matching birdies on the second. Looked like we were going to go low, the four of us, and it settled in a little bit. This golf course brought its teeth. We kept hitting good shots. Pars are pretty good out here in some spots. It was a fun putt to make on 16.

Q. There has been so much talk about the strength of the American Team. What was your mind-set coming in and what did you want to show?
ADAM HADWIN: Well, they are a strong team but we are a pretty darned good team, too. We have got guys that have won majors. Guys that have played against these guys on a regular basis and beaten them on a regular basis before. We have a good team. We know we have a good team. It's about us going out and executing golf shots, and our goal was to get them down early, get the crowd into it and on our side and hopefully carry some momentum these next three days.

Q. Big putts early. Talk about your putting.
ADAM HADWIN: I felt like I left a few out. It was good. I made some putts when we needed to. You know, putts that maybe didn't seem that important at the time but that putt on 3 was big, forced him to make it and he missed. There was kind of some momentum holders and keepers and then of course getting that one on 16 was huge. Send kind of shivers through my body and that reaction from the crowd was great.

Q. Your first win in The Presidents Cup, how does that feel?
ADAM HADWIN: Finally. Finally. Yes, it was great. Sungjae is such a good player. He's so solid from tee-to-green. He's never going to be out of position, so it makes you feel comfortable as a player, as well.

You know that you're going to be able to get away with a mistake or two here and there because of playing with him, and I enjoy it. It was a lot of fun and hopefully carry this on the next three days.

Q. How would you describe the emotions of what was going on?
ADAM HADWIN: It was a lot of fun. My first winning match in The Presidents Cup. It was so much fun. Sungjae makes is to easy to play with. He's so solid tee-to-green and relaxes me quite a bit. I can be free to hit some shots and know that he's going to be there behind my back if I need it. It was fun. You know, just made some putts when we needed to. You know, it's good to get off to a good start.

Sungjae is never out of position and makes putts when he needs to, and he's certainly not going to give away any holes this week.

Q. What was going through your mind on 16?
ADAM HADWIN: Certainly with Xander missing, it made the putt a little bit easier. It was kind of make and go 1-up, or going to lose a hole there. Made it a little easier. That's what we practice for is those moments right there. You know, 1-up with two to play rather than even is a much better spot to be in.

I didn't want to let him down. I hit two great shots there into the green. I played the hole perfectly, exactly what I needed to, just a little short on the first putt. To get the second one was huge.

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