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December 12, 2019

Adam Scott

Louis Oosthuizen

Adam Hadwin

Cheng-Tsung Pan

Melbourne, Australia

THE MODERATOR: Adam, start with you, you said yesterday that it was imperative to get off to a hot start and you've obviously done that. Some opening comments.

ADAM SCOTT: We're obviously all related with the result of today. We've really had a big focus on getting off to that good start and it's happened. That was the job done for today. No doubt we'll enjoy this afternoon, but we have four more sessions to also get the job done. Tomorrow's another very important day for us out here. Our goal is to come out and try and win that session.

Q. C.T. Pan, this is your first appearance in The Presidents Cup, and I'd like to know how you enjoyed today's round with Matsuyama.
C.T. PAN: The whole round, it was great. We were the last match to finish and finish on 18, so every -- everyone was there. Especially teammates are there, so that's really cool. Playing with Matsuyama, he's good. He made some clutch putts on No. 3 and especially 17. That was a 40-footer, 45-footer, and that was to go 1-up on the American Team, and that was huge. Cease such a clutch putter.

Q. Outside you mentioned the movie that was shown last night. Without giving too many details, with you give the Cliff Note Vegas of what was in the movie and how it motivated you?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: It was great to see the guys in '98 giving us a bit of advice and how it felt for them starting the week back then, and what it feels like winning a Cup. You know, we have a few boys of '98 in the team room, as well and I think we are in a really good place.

But we are set on what we want to do. We have a massive goal. We are all focused and ready to go tomorrow.

Q. Do you have any thoughts on the way the fans interacted with Patrick Reed throughout the round today? Was it something you noticed and what do you think about it?
C.T. PAN: Sorry, I was focusing on my game. Didn't pay attention. Thank you.

Q. Did you notice it?
C.T. PAN: I just said I didn't pay attention, so I didn't notice. Thank you.

Q. Can you talk about how important is it that you have seven rookies who don't have any scar tissue from the past, and how do you keep them from getting too excited about what happened today?

ADAM SCOTT: I think they don't know any different, you know. They have just come out and won a match today. It's a nice way for them to start their Presidents Cup careers. I hope that gives them a lot more confidence for the rest of the week and they play with that confidence. Of course Louie wins a match and wins the rest of them, and we rely on him giving us confidence, too.

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I think a lot of us are feeding off the energy, as well. We have a great bunch of rookies on the team. I've said this a few times; they are in great form, and watching them play a practice round, us senior boys are trying to feed off their energy. I was just a passenger today in a car watching Abe just playing unbelievable golf.

So it was fun to see him, how motivated and focused how was on the golf course, and we are all just in a good place.

Q. It's an unprecedented start for your side. Obviously you've been here the most. How do you keep a lid on it, knowing that you've got to at least enjoy what you've just done given its unprecedented?
ADAM SCOTT: It's exciting, for sure. Ernie has done an incredible job of getting this team prepared and we are already prepared for tomorrow. He's really planned this thing out. I think everyone feels very confident that we know what's going to happen out there tomorrow. It's a very important session for us that we get out there and try and win another session.

This thing has been planned out very well. The Big Easy has definitely kept us very calm this week, and you can see that today the way a lot of our rookies played.

Q. There was a few whispers from the spectators in your practice putting session; there were a few short putts missed but on the course you were holing bombs. Was there any tactical changes to your putting on the course in the heat of competition?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: No. (Laughter) No, that's what a practice round is for. I think everyone got -- well, I've never played Royal Melbourne. I got a big surprise when I saw the golf course Monday and knew I had to do a few more changes in my setup and the way I'm putting, especially on greens being this firm and fast.

Looked like I made the right changes. When the tournament or when the day comes and you're more focused, then you know you'll do your routine and everything better. Yeah, practice is practice.

Q. You seem to be very steady. Did you feel like you needed to be a steadying influence for a player that's a rookie with you?
ADAM HADWIN: Sungjae is such an unbelievable player. I feel like he might even be steadier than me. He doesn't miss too many shots, but I also feel like I can be that steady presence, as well. If I can help in any way calm his nerves throughout the day, I'm happy to be that guy for him.

We enjoyed it. We both played well at times. I also don't think that he got too ramped up after that chip-in. I think he, you know, he showed some emotion and settled down quite quickly, and it was back to business as usual. They are a strong team and we are going to have to continue to play well throughout the week in order to beat them.

You know, like Adam said, we're one session at a time, and just keep playing that steady golf. Keep putting pressure on them and force their hand a little bit.

Q. Starting off today with that hook on 1, was that just nerves, and if so, how did you help steady things from there on?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, for sure I was nervous on the first. It's normal. Most of the time you somehow squeak one down there, and I didn't really do a good job of that today. Ben was already in good position and I had him -- I had to lean on him the first couple of holes, and he did a good job and then I hit a nice shot into 3 and the nerves kind of calmed down.

You know, you never want to hit a shot like that obviously off the first tee, but I've been nervous a lot on the first tees in my career. You just learn how to settle yourself down and made a bit better pass at one on the second, and birdied 3 and 4 and things got going.

Q. I realize the answer is obvious, but how big is it to get out in front for once? It's been a long time since you've led after any session, and certainly not after the first. How much does that change things?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it feels good. That's what I can tell you. We don't know the results from here on out. But this is a great start. This is a very strong American Team with a lot of depth, and they can keep throwing at us every session from here on out and we're going to have to keep throwing it back at them.

It does feel very good. The guy have really done a fantastic job of getting themselves ready this week on our side. I know we're in it. I think everyone's got a taste for it. We'll look forward to getting out tomorrow and trying to do it all again.

Q. I can't imagine Ernie would want to make too many changes at this point, but do you think there's any possibility we could see Leishman/Smith combination before the week's out?
ADAM SCOTT: There probably is a possibility but you know, I'm not really the guy to ask. Ernie and the assistant captains are kind of all over the pairings. I'm sure they are getting things sorted.

Of course, seeing an all-Aussie pairing would be fun for everyone down here. You never know.

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