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December 11, 2019

Cameron Smith

Melbourne, Australia

Q. Your first Presidents Cup, how are you feeling?
CAMERON SMITH: Feeling good. We've done three good days of really good prep. The course is in amazing shape. It's probably the firmest I've ever played it. But yeah, all the guys are hungry to get out there in the morning and give it their best shot.

Q. Your teammates have played here before. How much have you learned in two rounds?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I think the Ernie split all the Aussie guys up the first day. Gave them little insights to courses, like any other that we play, basically in the US in that sometimes you have to play away from the pin to actually get it close. Everyone's been good. All the guys have listened. The vice captains have been good with course strategy type thing. Go on to playing, I would say.

Q. You made some strong comments about Patrick Reed. Have you come across him this week? Is there any tension in the air?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I'm sure he didn't like it. I think there is a little bit of tension there. I've looked at Patrick a couple times but he hasn't looked back. I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Do you go out of your way to talk to him? Are you hope you're pitched up against him?
CAMERON SMITH: I definitely won't go out of my way. I think our friendship, I guess, is not quite there anymore.

Yeah, you know, what are Ernie thinks is best I'm willing to do. I'm here to do a job for Ernie and that's all I'm focusing on.

Q. Are you okay with that, to lose a friendship, standing up for what you think is right?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, really think it's a came of team versus team. I think it's a case of what's right and what's wrong.

Yeah, I think there's, you know, I think there's something to be said about that.

Q. What type of friendship do you have?
CAMERON SMITH: We share a physio out there. We would talk and chat in the locker room, but nothing much more than that. Just a friendly-type thing.

Q. How much do you talk about the International Team's history?
CAMERON SMITH: We haven't, really. We've tried to focus on everything that's positive. Ernie has done a great job in getting us all together and making sure there's a really good team vibe.

Q. And the seven rookies, do you feel some sort of belonging; you're all so young?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I think so. The team atmosphere in the team rooms and dinners and stuff we've had all year has been really good. So as far as the team's concerned, there's definitely no problems.

Yeah, I think definitely on paper, the Americans are a very hard side to beat. A lot of us have played here before we have great insight by Ernie and all the other captains that have all been here before. Yeah, don't count us out.

Q. Looking at the rankings --
CAMERON SMITH: I mean, I guess so. But you know, like I said, I wouldn't count us out. We're all here to do a job. Everyone wants it really bad. Like I said, the atmosphere in the team rooms is really good. So I can't wait.

Q. What's the most nervous you've ever been on a tee shot and what are you expecting, your home country, your first Presidents Cup?
CAMERON SMITH: Probably the first time I played around Augusta, I was quite nervous. But I think it will be really cool out here. I've just got to expect the nerves to be there and just play with it and try and have a good time.

Q. What does Leish bring to the team?
CAMERON SMITH: He's a great guy. Probably one of the best guys I know. We've turned into really good mates.

As far as bringing stuff into the team room, he's just a good guy to be around. He's very knowledgeable about the golf course. Loves to chat. He's keen to play with anyone that he has to play with. He's just a real true team player. Yeah, it's good.

Yeah, I don't think Leish has ever in any concerns about anything. You look at him, he's always laughing or smiling, or having a joke with someone. He's definitely a good guy to have on the team.

Q. Did you learn anything about the nature of alternate-shot before playing in the World Cup last year?
CAMERON SMITH: It's probably a little bit different last year in the World Cup in that there's only two of us. I definitely learnt -- I played a lot of team sports growing up. I learnt a lot off Marc as a golfer.

But yeah, it's a completely different type of scenario I'd say, yeah.

Q. Coming into this competition --
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I think there's a lot of older guys that have all had the pain in them, and you can see that. I think that's why we're trying our hardest to make them -- I mean, I think a few of them might even shed a tear.

Q. Has Ernie spoken to you --
CAMERON SMITH: No, we're just focusing on the positives and try to do what we've got to do course management-wise, and that's about it.

Q. Come Sunday, is there anyone you'd like to play against?
CAMERON SMITH: I mean, probably Tiger. Who wouldn't want to take on Tiger? Greatest of all time, it would be a great one-on-one battle. Like I said, whatever Ernie thinks is best is all okay by us.

Q. What if Ernie suggests that you might be the man for the job?
CAMERON SMITH: Not yet. We'll see how the next three days go. I'm pretty sure everyone has their hand up for that one.

Q. Getting into the team atmosphere --
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it's been really good. Great bunch of guys. We've had really good prep out there. We've all got to know each other throughout the year. Yeah, it's been really cool. I think Ernie has done a great job.

Q. Did you go to a barbeque with K.J.?
CAMERON SMITH: Yes, we went to Korean barbeque, and we all walked in and there was a statue of K.J. at the front (laughing). Yeah, he's like -- I thought that was quite funny. I don't know if it was K.J.'s restaurant or not, but yeah, we all got a photo with the statue. It was quite a good night.

Q. Any tips for the rookies?
CAMERON SMITH: It's all been just locker room type of stuff. We get nerves everyone week, especially in contention. I think it's good to play with them. I think it's good to recognize them and just kind of let them be up there, and just do what you can to play the best golf you can.

Q. What would a Presidents Cup mean to you, if you could win it?
CAMERON SMITH: It would be really cool. I know all the captains in the team really want it. Obviously got a not-so-good record, but you know, we've got seven rookies on the team. We're all positive and hopefully we can turn that ship around.

Q. How much have you been getting the --
CAMERON SMITH: Ernie split all the Aussies up on Tuesday which was nice. It's not really a course where it's all in front of you. There's a lot of local knowledge, I guess you could say. But owl the guys got it. They all listened and everyone is playing good golf which is good to see.

All of us on the team, we have such a good team atmosphere going, we're all happy playing with one another, so whatever Ernie thinks is best is best.

Q. Who is the biggest lunatic?
CAMERON SMITH: Probably Haotong. I've played with Haotong on Tuesday, and he did not shut up for 18 holes. He was quite impressive. I've never heard that many words come out of one mouth in four hours.

We have a great team atmosphere. I've got a lot of support this week. I think I've got around 30 or 40 tickets for this week. It will be a really good week. I can't wait for it to start.

Q. What do you bring to the team that's different?
CAMERON SMITH: I'm not sure to be honest. I grew up playing a lot of team sports. I love the team bus ride and the team kind of atmosphere in the locker room and stuff like that. Give a few back slaps and stuff like that to keep the team motivated I guess.

Q. It's a younger team now, youngest team in the history of the Presidents Cup. Do you feel that's what's going to make history now and kind of you give you the advantage?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, potentially. Our record, the International record isn't that great and hopefully everyone knows that. There are a few younger guys there wanting it. Growing up seeing the Internationals lose, I think we all want it that little bit more.

Q. What do you take from the guys that have experience?
CAMERON SMITH: Just their calmness. They have all been here. They have all experienced the team, I guess tension between the teams. You know, a few of the Aussies and the older guys have been around the course a lot, so it's been nice to listen to them, as well.

The course is really good. I've been around here a few times now and it's probably the firmest I've ever seen the surrounds and the greens, and I think it will be a really big challenge. I think there will be a lot of holes won with some not so good scores. It will be a very interesting week, I'm sure.

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