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December 11, 2019

Cheng-Tsung Pan

Melbourne, Australia

C.T. PAN: So this is really cool. It's been 15 years later, it's so much changes, and this is what it's all about, team international. This is great.

Q. How much have you guys talked about the record against the U.S.? Are you using that as motivational? Do you feel like because you have new players it's not really relevant? How would you address that history?
C.T. PAN: I think everyone on the team knows the history of the Presidents Cup, no doubt. It's in the media. It's unavoidable. But for the players, we just try to prepare every step, everything we can, especially with this course that's going to be playing very different. It's going to play very hard. So we are just trying to get as much preparation done as possible.

Q. What's the most nervous you've ever been over a first tee shot?
C.T. PAN: My first major, the U.S. Open, the first shot.

Q. What are you expecting from this week, the first time you hit a shot in team competition?
C.T. PAN: You know what? Actually the Olympics in -- the last one in Rio, that was pretty nerve-racking because they're introducing you and the cameras are right here in your face, so that was pretty -- kind of weird, but it's really cool, so it was really nerve-racking after that. I think with that experience, it shouldn't be much worse than that. I will definitely enjoy it more.

Q. Looking forward to it?
C.T. PAN: Yeah, absolutely.

Q. (Indiscernible).
C.T. PAN: It's great. It's quite an experience, honestly. Captain Els is such an amazing guy, and he definitely made me feel like I'm part of the family. That's what he's been trying to do the last three months, and he's done a great job with everyone on the international team.

Q. Could you have envisioned the first week of April prior to winning at Hilton Head being in this spot?
C.T. PAN: Oh, I did not even think about it. I mean, it was one of my goals, but I knew, hey, I just need to hit one shot at a time to have a chance. Yeah, I couldn't believe it when I heard. It's been such a great opportunity to be here, and to get to play along with my other teammates, it's been quite an experience.

Q. What have you learned about the course?
C.T. PAN: I think it favors my game for sure because I'm a position player, so this course is about where you position your ball, your second shot, your approach shot, even how you putt. So I think this is going to be quite a fun week. I'm just going to enjoy it.

Q. With that experience on this golf course, how much have you been able to help your teammates?
C.T. PAN: You know, we just -- everyone's game is different, and I think that's the captain's or vice captain's job to figure it out. But for the players, I believe communication is the key. I've become more open with my feelings, talking to my teammates about what I think or how I feel about certain holes, certain shots, and I think that really helps.

Q. Is there a player on the U.S. side that you're really looking forward to playing against?
C.T. PAN: No, what I'm looking forward to is winning points.

Q. Not to get too political, but is there a significance being a teammate and possibly a partner with Haotong?
C.T. PAN: I think here we're under the same flag, which is the international flag. It's not political. If it's the best for the team, we will definitely do it. Haotong and I are good friends since 2016 and the Web Tour, so we'd have no problems partnering up or even becoming a crucial part of the team. I think that's what we're here for. We're here to play.

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