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December 2, 2019

JR Reed

Atlanta, Georgia

THE MODERATOR: We will continue with J.R. Reed. J.R., while we wait on questions, please take a moment to comment on the Georgia team entering the SEC Championship game.

J.R. REED: This is a team that's been working very hard throughout the year. Everyone has bought into this program, and we see our hard work pay off.

Q. J.R., I was asking earlier, is this offense of LSU, as explosive as they are, similar to any schemes or alignment as you've faced so far in anybody? And also, I know it's a tremendous challenge for the secondary facing two of the top receivers in the nation. So what would you say about those two things?
J.R. REED: We faced very good offenses in this SEC. We went against Florida. They have very good receivers out there. Playing Auburn, a team that's very good and can put up some points, and also just facing an A&M team that can spread the ball around. Those two receivers do a great job out there making plays and making guys miss. We have to do a good job in tackling when those guys get the ball.

Q. Sometimes formations to try get man-on-man and isolation situations on the outside. How confident are you guys as defensive backs in your man-to-man coverage ability going up against an offense like this?
J.R. REED: We're very confident. Confidence is the key when you play DB. Coach Smart and Coach Warren have done a great job over the year to get these guys ready. We have some things that we can adjust to, and we're going to run some different things and show those guys some different looks.

Q. When you study Ja'Marr Chase's game, obviously, he's up for the Biletnikoff and all, what does he do to get so open and have so much success this year?
J.R. REED: He gets a lot of YAC. He catches the ball, makes guys miss, and he also high points the ball. His catch radius is all over the place. So even when defenders are in good position, he can go up and get the ball. That's just one of the things that makes him such a great receiver.

Q. You all probably haven't put together the whole game plan yet, but based on where his position is and where he is on the field, are you going to be matched up with him sometimes possibly?
J.R. REED: I'm not sure yet. You want me to tell you the game plan? I can't give you the recipe.

Q. I know. Did you defend him one-on-one last year at all?
J.R. REED: I don't recall.

Q. I was wondering how has Richard LeCounte grown about --
J.R. REED: Richard has done a great job maturing on and off the field. He's taken his film study very seriously, and he's helping guys get lined up. He's out there really helping me get guys coached up, and he's done an amazing job.

Q. What's been your favorite memory with him?
J.R. REED: My favorite memory? Probably seeing him do those back flips, man, and him being just so athletic. He always has a smile. No matter what type of day you're having, Richard is always going to put a smile on your face.

Q. I wanted to ask you, Azeez was saying earlier when we spoke to him that this is a great Georgia defense. Do you think Saturday how you do against a potent, powerful offense in LSU will go a long way in determining just how good you guys are?
J.R. REED: I wouldn't say one game is going to determine how we've done all year. We've worked very hard this year. It shows. It's paid off. We've done some amazing things as a defense in this regular season. We've got our work cut out for us this game, and it's going to be a great challenge.

Q. Also, this will be your third SEC Championship game. Is there much value that you have from those experiences that you think will help you Saturday?
J.R. REED: Yeah, just being experienced and being in this environment, it definitely will help me out. I can get my guys lined up and let them know what to expect throughout practice.

Q. I've noticed Tyrique Stevenson has been playing a little bit more of late. Could you just speak to the talent he has as a freshman and the versatility he has as a player.
J.R. REED: Tyrique is one of those guys who can get in here, and you just see the talent as soon as he shows up. He can play any of those positions in the back end. He's working very hard. He's taking his studies seriously. So he goes out there and works hard every day and makes plays for us. He's one of the guys we've got to have on the field.

Q. I noticed you corrected his alignment against Auburn, I believe, in the first series of the game. How important is it for you as kind of the leader of that defense to make sure your guys are lined up correctly? And how do you go about knowing everybody's job on the field?
J.R. REED: It's just studying, man. Just constant studying and make sure my guys are in the right spot and just communicating with them and what they need to do throughout the days, throughout the days of practice, and making sure they're lined up. I'm able to play all the positions around there in the secondary. So that's one of the things I can do is help guys get lined up. If one guy's misaligned, then the whole defense fails.

Q. It seems like every year there's a prolific offense in Georgia's way of the goal. It's Oklahoma 2017, Alabama 2018, and now LSU with another prolific run. Does this feel like the same type of animal, personnel groupings, elite players, or is it a more different and daunting challenge in your mind?
J.R. REED: It's not the same, and it's not daunting at all. It's just another challenge that we've got to face. It's one of the things, when you play in this league, play in the SEC, you play in college football now, all the teams are just so good, able to put up points. They have great weapons out there. They have great quarterbacks. So it's just one of the things you've got to deal with each year.

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