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November 27, 2019

Eric Bovaird

Andre Arissol

Tyler Cartaino

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Georgia - 80, Chaminade - 77

THE MODERATOR: We'll start with an opening statement from Coach.

ERIC BOVAIRD: It was a heck of a game. Really proud of our guys. They competed for 40 minutes. I know we're disappointed with the outcome, but to say you went toe-to-toe with an SEC team and a potential, I don't know, top-3, top-2, whatever draft pick in the NBA, is pretty special. The guys really stepped up the third day, and we don't have the depth that a lot of teams have and the guys like these guys, these two here, played a lot of minutes over three days and I'm really proud that they battled right down to the very end.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Coach. Open it up for questions for the players.

Q. Both of you had such a great game, but just talk about the confidence that you play with. I think that it's remarkable. A lot of teams, they come in here and they think they're just going to whip you folks around, but you two have proven that you can go toe-to-toe with any of those teams. So talk about that confidence that the two of you came into this tournament with.
ANDRE ARISSOL: Yeah, I mean that's like kind of the reason that I came to this school, because Coach preaches a lot about, and he kind of emphasizes it in different ways, and it's like, you're only as good as your confidence. Yeah, we come here as the underdogs and kind of the mentality that we don't have anything to lose and they do. So if we don't play with confidence then we don't play to our ability. So that's just something that we live and die for. We're only as good as our confidence.

TYLER CARTAINO: Yeah, we definitely have confidence. And at the end of the day we realize these are big-name schools and really good players and really big players. But they're just people like us, and we got to play the same game they do. We have the same refs, we're in the same gym, so we're out there to compete. I mean, if you think you're going to lose before the game starts, you might as well not even play.

Q. Andre, you had a number of big threes for your team tonight and obviously none bigger from the corner to tie it up for a little while there. Can you talk about that play and then the immediate right after of, I think there was a timeout and then defending their final shot.
ANDRE ARISSOL: Yeah, I mean that's what I'm here to do, like, knock down shots. And I have like great facilitators around me, like Tyler and Kendall and Roman and Eliet, who do a good job of getting in the lane and finding me, so it makes my job a lot easier, and that was just another one of those moments. I didn't really think about it in terms of, like, it's just a normal shot. It's just one of those things. And at the end, yeah, Edwards hit a tough shot. He is who he is, and we did a great job in trying to stop him, but it's basketball, it's a game of punches and he hit a big one.

Q. Tyler, your journey, especially being at Chaminade, has been pretty impressive, especially like Coach said, you didn't really play much before. What is it about, what did you do particularly, do you think, to take yourself to the next level?

Q. What did you do.
TYLER CARTAINO: Yeah, okay. That's a good question, actually. Yeah, I didn't play really at all my freshman year. I probably should have redshirted, but that's all right. Sophomore year, didn't play a lot either. Junior year, got hurt. But the most important thing I did was just I just stayed in the gym. Being an 18- to 20-year-old kid, it's really easy to want to go out with your friends and do what that age kids do, but I just stayed in the gym. I didn't have a trainer, I didn't, I don't think I need that. I had coach right here that told me what I needed to do before I left Chaminade to go home for the summer. And I just did that, I stayed in the gym as much as I could and good things came from it.

THE MODERATOR: We'll let the two of you get back to your team and we'll open it up to questions for Coach.

Q. I think coming into the tournament you talked about Tyler's development over the course of his career, just kind of what he just said, like, he didn't really play at all his first year with you. What did you see in this tournament from him and what do you expect from him for the remainder of his last year based on what he's, how he's progressed?
ERIC BOVAIRD: Yeah, even beginning from last year, when he showed up for his junior season he was right, he was finally where we wanted him to be. It's a process. He came in and I saw something in him when he was at Impact Academy -- I don't think anybody else offered him a scholarship, but I saw his potential -- and he had some stuff to work on and he really, really worked on it. And like he said, he was, he was always in the gym. Any time they had any free time, I know, I know one guy that was there for sure, it was him. Andre actually being the other. So we expect big things from him this year. He was preseason All-American, he was first-team all-conference last year. An incredible stat for him is he led our conference in field goal percentage last year. For a 6'-5" wing guy, that's pretty unheard of to shoot that kind of percentage. So he's got an incredibly unique ability of getting to the basket and they call it euro step or avoiding charges or whatever, but he's got a very unique talent and he's really worked on his outside shot, we have kind of started from scratch a couple of years ago and I'm really confident in his all-around game. I put the ball in his hands a bunch of times toward the end, sometimes at the point guard position, sometimes posting up, so I got a lot of confidence in him in a variety of ways.

Q. Two years ago you guys closed the tournament with that win over Cal and it was going to be a little while before you came back until this year. And today you guys came very close to doing something similar. So coming that close but not quite getting that win here, what do you think the intervening time will be like until you return?
ERIC BOVAIRD: It's not going to be as good a two years, I know that. For that two-year time period, even coming back last year it was amazing seeing all the great teams, Duke and Gonzaga and the rest of them. And I would be able to sit in the stand and think, wow, I won my last game here. Pretty cool. But I can imagine sitting here next year thinking, dang, I wish I would have won that last game. So it will take a little while to get over. As a coach, as soon as the game was over I was like, dang, I wish I would have done a few things differently, everybody in the world knew the ball was going to go in No. 5's hands and he was going to try to make a play. But our game plan was to try to make him make difficult shots, because you can't prevent him from getting shots, make him make difficult shots, and he missed a bunch of them earlier and he made the one that counted though.

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