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November 23, 2019

Daniel Evans

Paris, France

SPAIN 1, Great Britain 1

EDMUND/Lopez 6-3, 7-6

NADAL/Evans 6-4, 6-0

Q. Hard lines, Dan. You got off to a good start and he seemed to find quite a scary level towards the end.
DANIEL EVANS: Yeah, yeah, exactly that. I thought he was pretty good. I mean, it doesn't take a tennis expert to work out what happens after that, does it? Yeah. I wasn't going to say that.

No, he was good. And listen, our mantra, what you want to call it, is to fight until the end. And I thought I did that pretty good. Everybody who stepped out on the court this week for Great Britain's done that, win or lose. And it's just what I tried to do.

Q. Kyle's opponent pulled out within ten minutes of his match.

Q. That's a bit of gamesmanship, dirty tricks, isn't it?
DANIEL EVANS: It didn't work for them. Yeah, it's a little naughty, I'd say. That independent doctor come in and said Carreno was not fit to play, which is interesting, isn't it?

Listen, it's down to the doubs now. I don't think I've ever felt so excited to go watch a match. So I'm ready to see the boys do it.

Q. Can I just clarify, you and the team, did you think Lopez, there were murmurs yesterday that Lopez was going to play. So were you surprised initially when the first nominations came out that Carreno Busta had been named?
DANIEL EVANS: I think when we saw Carreno at the end of yesterday's match, I didn't think he was fully fit. But to be honest, if you name a team, we just think that's going to be the team. It was a surprise when Lopez come in within ten minutes.

Listen, I thought Kyle did an unbelievable job just dismantling him. And you know, he never really got into the match. And for the year Kyle's had, I'm sure he won't mind me saying, what he's done in the last two months has been extraordinary to get himself back. I've seen it firsthand. He's worked hard. And to turn it around in Paris and keep going where people could have just stopped the year, and then he's come here, he got picked to play here, and what he's done here, he's looked basically back to top-20 player again.

So listen, it's great to be on his side. But hopefully I don't see much of him next year. I think he's going to do pretty good (smiling).

Q. What would it mean if they win this doubles match, if Britain can get to another Davis Cup Final?
DANIEL EVANS: I mean, I don't know. If they win this match, I'm not sure what's going to happen (smiling). I think it's going to be a great match, but...

Q. Put it into context, if they do win. If they can win.
DANIEL EVANS: If they can win... You'll see on the side what it means to everybody. Everybody in the team has worked so hard. I mean, some people are going to bed, like, at 2:30, 3:00, doing matches, looking at stuff, tagging stuff. You know, the physios were working last night till 1:30. You know, it's a whole team effort.

If these boys can get through, you know, it's -- it's a World Cup basically, isn't it? We're in the final of the World Cup, that's what they're saying this tournament is. That is the final of the World Cup, whichever way you want to dress it up. It's the best however many teams are here -- I don't even know how many were here -- but we are one of the best. We'd be one of the top two.

Q. It is strange for us to see Andy sitting there, he's right into the matches, he's celebrating stuff, but not on the court playing for Great Britain. I just wonder what's the impact of, you know, having Andy involved behind-the-scenes been like?
DANIEL EVANS: He's not behind-the-scenes, he's fully part of the team. He's not got a back -- you know, he's not the backroom staff; he's in the five-man squad.

There's reasons he hasn't played so far this week and that's, you know, that's those reasons.

And, like any other person, he's going to sit on the side. He's not too big to sit on the side and, you know, support.

He asked me today did I want him to warm me up. You know, that's the sort of guy he is. Because he warmed me up yesterday. You know, he's unbelievable. But so is everybody else in the team. He does exactly the same as everybody else does in the team.

He's simply an unbelievable team player. And, you know, to sit it out for those few days, I'm sure it's killing him inside and he probably isn't that happy, but it doesn't show.

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