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November 23, 2019

Caroline Masson

Naples, Florida

Q. You had a great round. 2-under today. How do you assess your round today?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, today was a little bit different than the last two days. Was just a little bit rough on the front nine. Started off with a bogey and felt like I couldn't really catch a break. Here and there just ended up in a divot and, you know, just the way golf is sometimes.

So I just reminded myself to be patient. I think this golf course especially you can get it on the back nine, so just tying to hang in there and just really try to get it on the back nine.

Q. Today was will a little bit different direction, the wind direction from the first two days.
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, it was different. You know where it's coming from, but it's always swirling a little bit, especially those first five, six holes. So it's a little bit different from what we're used to playing.

You know, it doesn't necessarily make it easier. I think there are a couple tough holes into the wind this way, like No. 9. You know, just got to embrace it and just trust your shots and trust the wind and play smart when you have to when the holes get a little tough.

Q. You play great in Taiwan and keeping momentum this week. How do you feel about your game right now?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I feel great. It's just fun to be up there. Just playing really solid golf. Even like I said, when I didn't get off to a great start, there was no reason to play bad. My golf swing is good. I'm hitting the ball where I want to.

Yeah, it gives me a lot confidence. Obviously fun to be in the last round again after doing that in Taiwan as well. Just enjoying it and embracing it, because I think in golf it's very easy to take it for granted when you play well and you can forget about the bad times.

So really enjoy it. I have family out here this week. It's just a special week to be with them and be in Naples and have a good time.

Q. And tomorrow is the final round of the season. How will you want to finish 2019?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, obviously winning has been the goal for the whole year. I think it's pretty awesome that I actually put myself in a position where I have a chance to do that tomorrow. I think it's all you can ask for.

Just hoping for another solid round. Try to finish off kind of what I've been doing the last few weeks, and hopefully -- yeah, I mean, obviously the win is the goal, but play solid golf and see where it gets me in the end. Just excited to be there.

Q. Going off what you were just talking about with you know exactly where you stand going into the final round. You played with Sei Young today, saw her game. You're playing with her tomorrow. What is your game plan?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I mean, I haven't really thought about it too much yet, but I think everybody is playing good. This is a golf course where if you're playing solid you can get it, but if you hit a couple bad shots, you know, it kind of bites you a little bit as well.

So I think I'm in a good position. Obviously I would've liked to maybe make a couple more putts on the back nine to get a little bit closer, but it is what it is. Like I said, I just need to go out and play solid, take my chances when I can, hoping for a couple putts to drop at the right time like I did in Taiwan, and, you know, the rest will take care of itself.

Of course when you're in that situation playing for a tournament win with everything on the line, I think a little bit more aggressive is probably the right approach tomorrow.

Q. Right. What do you take away from that finish in Taiwan, especially the final round? You were coming from behind and the you were able to get into that playoff.
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I mean, I think it really teaches -- because I've been a couple behind basically all day until the last, I don't know, four holes. Then all of a sudden I was in the lead going into 18, so it changed really quickly, which I think is a good reminder that you're not going to win it in the front; you just want to be kind of in position going into the back.

I think that's kind of what I'm trying to do, just hang around. Obviously if you get off to a great start you want to keep going, but just hang around and take my chances when I get them.

Q. Got to ask. Playing with a certain someone again tomorrow. You and Jason will go threesomes, so Sei Young, Nelly, and your fiance. What was that experience like playing the final round in Taiwan and the playoff, and now tomorrow the last round of the season?
CAROLINE MASSON: It was cool and special, and now we're make to a habit. Maybe not that special anymore. Seems like we've been trying to do that all week playing very similar. It's fun to play together in the final round. We have a lot of family here. They'll be happy to just be able to watch both of us at the same time.

Q. One group.
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah. I think it's just cool putting us in that situation again. Obviously Nelly is playing great all year and this week again. I'm trying to right the momentum.

Yeah, we're just going to do it like last time going about our business and both doing our jobs and still embracing it.

Q. Yeah. Is it almost a silent comfort factor for you?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I think so. You know, more for him probably because I know he likes to watch, and he's always probably when I play in front of him he kind of looks out a little bit. So for him it'll be a little stress-free prepared to being around him.

Q. Right.
CAROLINE MASSON: But it's nice to have him there and nice to play with Nelly. We get along well and keep it pretty light out there.

So, yeah, you want to be comfortable, but at the same time, it's still the final group, final day. Nobody is always super comfortable in that situation, I guess. Just adds a little bit of comfort.

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