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November 21, 2019

Michael Kohlmann

Kevin Krawietz

Andreas Mies

Paris, France

GERMANY 2, Chile 1

KOHLSCHREIBER/Jarry 6-4, 6-3

GARIN/Struff 6-7, 7-6, 7-6

KRAWIETZ-MIES/Barrios-Tabilo 7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Michael, excuse me for asking you about tomorrow rather than today. But I just wanted your thoughts really on your match against Britain. How do you see the kind of the matchups going?
MICHAEL KOHLMANN: I don't know. I wasn't prepared for that now. But if you ask me like this, yeah, it's for us maybe a little bit tougher to prepare because the English team switch around a little bit. So Andy played the first day. Today it was Kyle and Dan. So yes, it is tougher for us maybe to prepare.

But like in every match, we need at least one point in the singles to have a chance. And like I said before, I think this new format is a little bit closer, the nations are a little bit closer together. So we have actually a very, very good doubles team, and I think every other nation knows that. So they are a little bit tight also against us to win both singles.

So, yeah, that's the point. We are going to prepare the best and hopefully our singles guys and everybody's fit and ready to play tomorrow.

Q. Do you expect Andy to play tomorrow? What is your feeling?
MICHAEL KOHLMANN: I have no idea. I mean, I always expect him to play, yeah. He's a great fighter, a great sportsman. Happy to see him back on the court. Obviously, I would prefer not to play against him. But yeah, let's see.

Q. Can I have one more? Andreas or Kevin, I'm sure you know Jamie and Neal very well. So how would you feel if it came down to a deciding rubber against them?
KEVIN KRAWIETZ: First of all, we have to win in one singles so -- and then we are looking forward. I mean, we go step by step, I think. First match, second match, we are going to support the guys in the singles. And then yeah, let's see if we play the showdown in doubles or not.

We are preparing for this match. We played against them in Paris, it worked well. But of course every match is different. Yeah, we are focused for tomorrow.

Q. For the German coach, talking about the match you just played. I would like to know if you were surprised by the decision of the captain of Chile to put these young players against your doubles? And what do you think about these teams that not show up to end the games? What do you think about that?
MICHAEL KOHLMANN: First of all, to the Chilean team, I think great respect to the whole team. I think great sportsmen, great fighters.

I actually like both singles players. I'm a big fan of both Cristian Garin and Nicolas Jarry. I like watching them play. I saw them -- I saw Cristian in South America already, I saw him winning the Munich title. Yeah, I think he's a great tennis player, and obviously he showed it today in this match.

That they switched around -- I mean, they actually were out of the tournament already before our tie because they couldn't get through, the set situation was like this, that they were done. And what they were showing on the court, that's Davis Cup, that's the spirit, playing for their country, giving everything on the court.

And I wasn't surprised that I saw the two youngsters who were here with the team the whole time. And yeah, on one changeover, I told my guys that they are leaving their heart on the court. You saw that. Maybe in the rankings they are not as high and not as good, maybe from ranking-wise. But what they showed today, that's the spirit of Davis Cup, playing for your country. And that's the special thing about this event, you know.

And the other question, yeah, I think there was a chance also because after our first singles, we could have switched around. But that's not the way we are looking at this event. You know, we are looking to play all the matches. We are concentrating on our matches. What the other teams are doing, I have not in my hand. I have my opinions, but I won't tell you.

But that's not the way we are looking at this. We want to win every match once we are here. That's the way we also are going at it tomorrow and the next days, hopefully.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in German.

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