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November 21, 2019

Brooke Henderson

Naples, Florida

Q. How was your round from start to finish out there? Looked like you got on a bit of a roll. Did you feel like you left a few out there as well?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I felt like I hit it really well overall and gave myself a lot of good looks at making birdie, which is really nice.

Yeah, I felt like maybe not all the putts were dropping, but when Jin Young is missing putts you know just sometimes they just don't go in.

Hopefully just continue to hit it well, put myself in good positions, and make more birdies.

Q. So still feel like you're in an okay position to attack for the next couple days? You're only a couple shots back going onto tomorrow.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, no, it's good. I saw Sei Young at minus 7, which is a good score today. The wind was kind of hard to judge at times, but I think once you get on a roll you can make a lot of birdies out here, so hopefully just keep hitting it well.

Q. To end with a birdie like you did, how excited were you to be able to do that going into tomorrow?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I feel like that made my round feel a lot better. Overall I'm really happy, but that just makes it a little bit better. Dropped shot at 16 was unfortunate, and then to give away birdie on the Par 5 was also not ideal.

But, yeah, to finish, and I had great crowds out here all day, which is really exciting.

Q. And kind of on the opposite end of shot spectrum, 15. Need you to walk me through that one. I was standing beside your dad. He said it was one of the best shots he's ever seen you hit.

Q. I know you guys were debating a little bit back and forth on the club. Can you just walk me through the process and what you ended up hitting?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, walking up to the ball I told Brit, Just get me a wedge. I'm just chipping out. She's like, Just take a look at it and see.

I felt like as long as it cut it was going to be okay, but I was aiming left of the green with the wind that wasn't really helping in that direction, so I really need to hit a big cut. I was able to pull it off, 7-iron. To have a birdie look after that was really great, and then to make it, just felt like I really capitalized on that?

Q. So you picked 7-iron. What was the other club you were debating on?

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