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November 21, 2019

Lizette Salas

Naples, Florida

Q. It was a very consistent day today. You and I were talking just a moment ago about how tough this golf course is playing right now. Judy Rankin and Cristie Kerr were saying how accurate you are throughout the bag. How much did that accuracy help you today?
LIZETTE SALAS: Tons. I knew coming into this week the first five, six holes are crucial with that wind right in your face. They're not short holes for me, so getting off to a strong start was really important.

I stuck to my game plan: stayed present, stayed confident, and I knew this course isn't easy, so take your par, move on, and be aggressive when you have to.

It was a solid day.

Q. You've had some solid performances in the most difficult championships this year. Second, women's British; tied for fifth, KPMG. We talk about consistency. Why do you think we've seen you in contention a little bit more this year?
LIZETTE SALAS: I think I've just had a different mindset. I know what I'm capable of, and I think when the conditions get tougher I think my mental toughness kicks in a little more and I'm dialed in a little more and I'm just focused on what I can control.

I think that's really what has been resulting in really good finishes. I had two weeks at home. I knew what I had to work on, and I was excited to tee off today.

Q. What was it about today that you were able to shoot so low?
LIZETTE SALAS: I mean, I stuck to my game plan, which is hitting the fairways and being a little more specific on my targets when I'm in the fairway.

Really just focus on speed on these greens. They tend to be a little difficult to read, so I was very fortunate to be aggressive when I was able to and convert birdies and getting off to a strong start.

I was patient all day. I was really positive. I was just excited to play again. I was at home for two weeks. I was sick in Asia. Like I was ready to play some good golf, and we're happy with the 4-under today.

Q. So when you were taking that break, did you put down the clubs at all or were you ready to just get back at it?
LIZETTE SALAS: Well, I e addressed what needed to be worked on and talked to my team. I was ready to be healthy and to perform at my best and finish the season strong, so like I said, got here Monday morning. I did what I had to do. We stuck to our game plan today, and we're looking forward to the three more days.

Q. One of the most important changes to this event is of course the $1.5 million winner's purse that is a winner-take-all. Does that do anything to your mindset? Did you prepare any differently for this event?
LIZETTE SALAS: Not at all. Yeah, it's a great thing to play for $1.5 million. At the end of the day, we still have to go out there and do our work. I treat it as a major and every shot is going to count.

At the same time, just have to control what I can and just move on to the next shot.

Q. You were so close from having a spectacular year with a major championship. How would you overall summarize how your year has been?
LIZETTE SALAS: I still consider it an incredible year. I've learned a lot. I've established a great team around me. I've had a lot of highlights with the Solheim Cup, and I think I've just gotten my second wind. I turned 30 and you think, How much time do I have left, but it's the opposite.

I'm really excited to play and I have so many bigger goals for next year. At the same time, you have to focus on what's ahead of me and just really take advantage of it.

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