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November 21, 2019

Georgia Hall

Naples, Florida

Q. We'll start it off here with Georgia Hall, who finishes her day at 5-under. What's it that like out there on this beautiful sunny day out here in Naples?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, it's so nice to not be in England in the cold weather and so nice to be back. I've had a two-week break and feeling quite refreshed and managed to but together a good score today.

Q. What do you do over your two-week break to really prepare you for this first round here?
GEORGIA HALL: To be honest, I didn't do too much; the weather was so bad. I practiced three or four days probably out of two weeks. I really prepared very well coming into this event, as in when I got here I played a nice amount of practice rounds and really go the speed of the greens and managed to hole some putts.

Q. What is it about this course that was able for you to go a little bit lower today?
GEORGIA HALL: I think some of the pins are quite accessible today, which first round I think they would be. I really just holed some quite good putts and left myself in quite good position sometimes.

Q. And you were able to kind of make up for a double there on the back nine. What was going through your mind and how did you get out of that rut?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I had to call physio just for my foot; then we were a bit behind, so I was trying to keep up. Maybe rushed slightly and managed to hit a couple bad shots on that hole.

I was so happy the way bounced back after that.

Q. What was going wrong with your foot?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, I normally wear the same style shoes, and I actually have done this week as well, but they're a new pair and for some reason they're like really cutting into one of the bones in my foot, so I just got it taped up more than it already was. Yeah, still hurting, but it's fine. I can cope with it.

Q. Didn't seem to affect you all that much out there other than that one hole, right?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, the hole actually when I called physio. No, I just hit a couple bad shots on that hole. Yeah, I managed to hole some great ones coming in.

Q. Is there more of a sterner, stiffer focus this week because of what's at stake, what you can be playing for?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, obviously it's one of the biggest tournaments of the whole year, biggest prize fund. It's really nice just to play in great weather. I don't really want the off-season to start. I really like to play in events.

But, no, I'm just really focused on my game and not really focusing on Sunday yet. Just a good first round.

Q. Take us through your eagle on 17.
GEORGIA HALL: Hit a good drive down the middle and I had about 223 to the pin. I think it was a perfect rescue, so I hit it and it caught the upslope, which I was hoping for, and slowed it down a bit. Hit it to probably ten foot past the hole, and tricky left to right there and I managed to hole that. That was a big bonus.

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