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November 20, 2019

Jan-Lennard Struff

Paris, France

GERMANY 2, Argentina 0

STRUFF/Schwartzman 6-3, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: First we start with some questions in English and then we will move to German. Any questions in English?

Q. Two or three years ago, when you lost to Roger in the Australian Open, he said it was a shame players like you do not get more publicity. We should cover you more. Do you think the Davis Cup traditionally has been a way for players who might not be Rafa and Roger and Novak to step up and get glory and coverage and notoriety?
JAN-LENNARD STRUFF: Yeah, good question. Yeah, I mean, obviously, the top guys have the most, or all focus, but that's okay because they're the best players. But still, I feel like, yeah, all the other players like -- it's very tough sometimes to promote them, but I think it's getting much better and better.

And I've the feeling that here as well, like, a lot of players are here and, yeah, they're going to be on TV and stuff.

And to play for a country, it means a lot, and that's a lot of promotion. I think we should continue doing that as well because Rafa, Roger, at some point are gone from the sport. So it's very good what the ATP is doing, for example, with the NextGen as well. So I'm a very -- I'm a good fan of promoting players like that.

Did that answer your question? Good.

THE MODERATOR: Any other questions in English?

Q. Just a question about the Germany team. There's the usual, let's say, team that is part of Germany with Philipp, with you, and Alex. How do you adjust with the absence of Alex in your team? And yes, just moving forward with the event and with the matchup with the other players of the team.
JAN-LENNARD STRUFF: Sure. I mean, we always have very good team spirit. It doesn't matter who is playing. Everyone is getting into the team. We have so many persons behind the players, like everyone working so good together and it's always fun to get new guys as well in the team. We have, like, three new guys now this time. So I think they're very good integrated in the team.

And obviously Sascha is not here, but he communicated it early enough. And, for sure, our team would be better with him, yes, no doubt.

But I think we did a good job, and I like the team spirit. I like the weeks we've been together in the Davis Cup, like with so many good ties together. And yeah, it's just amazing. It is different to the normal tour life.

THE MODERATOR: Any other questions in English?

Q. Can I ask you about tomorrow's match against Cristian Garin. I imagine you see the match for yesterday of him with Schwartzman. What do you expect about the match of tomorrow? And what do you think are your points that you're going to show tomorrow in the match against him?
JAN-LENNARD STRUFF: Yeah, I didn't see that many points of the match yesterday. I mean, I went into the center court to watch a bit of the match. I think Diego was playing very good. Like he said in the press conference, that's one of the best matches of his career he's played.

So Cristian is a very good player. We played against each other in club match this summer. It was a very close match. I think he beat me 10-7 in the third set.

But doesn't count like -- I beat Schwartzman today, Schwartzman beat him. That doesn't mean that I beat Garin tomorrow. He's a very good player. He's ranked two spots ahead of me. So I expect a very difficult match. He's a really, really good player.

So I cannot tell you what I'm going to do, what tactic-wise we're going to focus on later today or tomorrow, and we prepare something for the match.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much. We will carry on in German now.

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