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November 21, 2019

Mike Lorenzo-vera

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. 63, tell us how you're feeling and what's going on with you?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Honestly I'm not the feeling well at all. I have no energy. I was down; I had say big lung infection in South Africa and a big treatment, and really feel bad on top of that.

Q. So 63, how did that come about?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Well, you played more than me and you know these kind of days where you just relax and try to put the ball somewhere and you strike it perfect, and you got the lines, and there you go.

Q. Your game has been trending, a couple of second places. What is it that's really clicking?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Well, nothing's clicking, really. I'm just trying to do well in every part of the performance and sometime it clicks and sometimes it doesn't click. I have a lot to do better to be more consistent on good weeks. That's why I think I haven't won yet.

So there's plenty of work to do.

Q. A 63, even though you're feeling under the weather. Tell us about that?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Just one of those days where you try to put the ball in play. I played four holes yesterday as practise, and I felt that if I really relaxed a lot, just swing it, like 70 per cent or maybe less, ball was still flying pretty well.

It's like, all right. Relax. Try to be pretty clever and not too aggressive, and then the putter got hot. So that worked.

Q. A lovely final four holes, as well. Great little approach to 18. Iron play and everything is going well?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Yeah, yeah, iron was good. It was nothing too stupid. I didn't try anything. Just tried to put the ball where I was safe and have like a proper easy putt to do. I managed to make one or two from far maybe two or three times today.

Q. What will you do to get ready tomorrow?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Nothing. Go in the room and have a nap and wait for tomorrow.

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