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November 21, 2019

Justin Rose

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. A round of 69 to start. 9-under is the lead in the clubhouse but how pleased are you with your performance?
JUSTIN ROSE: I mean, yeah, 9-under is a hell of a round. There's enough wind to make it difficult. It was kind of a very un-Dubai like day, a bit grey and even a spotting of rain there for a little bit.

But I played a bit more like Justin Rose today than I have done for a long time to be honest with you. Done some good work this last week on my week off and kind of got to the bottom of a couple moves that I've been doing really poorly. Drove the ball unbelievably well today.

Felt like I left quite a few out there to be 3-under. So from that point of view, very, very happy with my start. Obviously score-wise, could be better, but I think I've been sort of out-scoring how I've been playing. So today for the first time in a long time, I kind of feel I've come off the golf course, feel like I've left a ton out there which is in some ways actually a more encouraging feeling.

Q. You're no stranger to a big cheque, having won the FedExCup before, and you've also won this event, or its equivalent, when it was at Valderrama, and the winner of The Race to Dubai, as well. Did you ever think in that space of time since 2007 that you would be teeing it up with a first-place prize on The European Tour of $3 million?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, I think it's fantastic. It's a nice kudos for The European Tour to have a winner's cheque that's bigger than anything on the PGA Tour, but I know the FedExCup, the way they have arranged it now, it feels like a first place sort of prize money. But it's still like the year's-long bonus, is the way I still see it.

Really, really cool and kudos to The European Tour for set things up like that in the playoffs, all this Race to Dubai run. Obviously last week Tommy pulled in a pretty good cheque and the week before Tyrrell. All the lads are smiling to be honest, and it would be nice to get in on the action.

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