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November 21, 2019

Francesco Molinari

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Your thoughts on that 69?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, previous starts, my first rounds the last few weeks haven't been great, so it's nice to start the week better.

Yeah, it was pretty tricky the first few holes. Breeze was up and then it seemed to calm down and then it's kind of picking up again. I love is this place. It's a great course. I think it's a great challenge, especially when the wind is up.

So looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. You said recently that you've not felt quite yourself since the Masters. You know, unfortunate to miss out there, Tiger Woods ended up winning that one. What have you learnt in that journey from then till now and how close do you feel to being back where you were, because it was an amazing year last year.
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, the first few months of this season were equally as good. Yeah, I mean, what I was trying to say, really, was it would be silly not to say that the results have been different.

Unfortunately I can't quite point out the reason why, but yeah, there's definitely some technical issues I think in the swing that it's a bit uncharacteristic maybe for me. But I've hit some pretty poor shots in the last few months, and so yeah, we are working on it. You know, golf takes time unfortunately to figure out what exactly is going wrong.

But yeah, in the meantime, I feel like my putting and my chipping are improving. I think there are signs that things are trending in the right direction. I've had a few good rounds in the last few weeks.

Obviously, yeah, the consistency throughout the week is not quite there yet, and I think that's down to the misses. If the misses are too bad off the tee, especially, which I'm not used to, I'm not very good at playing out of the rough and bunkers and stuff like that, so I need to get it back in the fairway.

Q. One last thing. You are the reigning Race to Dubai Champion. You achieved so much last year and that's why you became No. 1 player on The European Tour. Someone else is going to get that opportunity this year. Just tell us what it means to join the list of players that you have and that you're a part of.
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, for me, it was incredible. I said it many times, it wasn't really something that I had as a goal because I thought it was out of reach to be honest. But last season surprised even me.

But yeah, it's an amazing accomplishment. Obviously you just have to look at list of players who are on that trophy, and it's incredible. It's really something that I think defines your career, similar probably to winning a major, I would put it right up there.

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