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November 21, 2019

Robert MacIntyre

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Thoughts on a 71?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: I actually played good. Just got the wind wrong on a couple of occasions and I can't hit my normal drive with right-to-left wind. It's been like that since I was a wee boy. I try and hit the draw and it ain't coming back when it starts out left. Just got the wind wrong a couple of times. My iron play is as good as it's been. It doesn't really normally let me down.

Overall, positive.

Q. Good finish?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: It was. It was strong enough. I struggled in the middle part. Obviously had that double-bogey at 10 and bogeyed 12, but hit a decent shot into 12. Again, the wind was wrong, came up short and ran down the slope. Overall, I thought it was all right.

Q. The first --
ROBERT MacINTYRE: Second shot, Greg was talking about going low and running it in and almost accepting the bunker, but I think air between the trees -- I could see light and trees, and I thought, well, ball coming through there.

I hit it perfect. It was sitting fine. The worst thing I could do was hit it too low --

Q. What was the club?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: 7-iron. As soon as I hit it, I didn't know where it went. I just tried to stay down on the ball and get up as much as I could. It was a perfect shot. Left me a tricky putt.

Q. Second shot at the second, too.
ROBERT MacINTYRE: That was, but I just had to make contact and that ball was getting up around the green. It was an all right number. Sitting fine. That's the thing, obviously bushes out there but as long as it sits -- it sits in the bark, most of the time it's sitting all right.

No, it was all right.

Q. Much chat between you and Kurt out there?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: Not too much. I wasn't in the right frame of mind after the start on the back nine. Me and Greg were having a little chat to ourselves most of the way around. I try and get the chat going but a lot of the time, guys don't want to, you just get the hint that they are not wanting to talk.

Q. How do you approach this? Do you say, right, if I win this tournament, it's all taken care of? How do you not keep an eye on him or do you keep an eye on him?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: No, I don't even worry if I'm being honest. If he does his thing -- my job is to win my battle. If I win every battle that I set myself, then the outcome will be irrelevant, and it will be what it will be. I can't control what he does. I can only control myself.

I've set myself goals. I set goals and I battle through them. If I can do that, if I can achieve what I want to achieve this week, my goals --

Q. What are the goals?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: That's inside. That's for me and my team. I'll tell you at the end of the week if it's been hit.

Q. Do you think this is going to go to the wire on Sunday?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: I feel if I can get my game in shape tomorrow, I can get back in the golf tournament. Right now, happy enough to walk off 1-under par.

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