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November 21, 2019

Jon Rahm

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. 66, give us your thoughts, no bogeys on the card?
JON RAHM: Really good, even though I tried my best to mess it up on the last hole. Really good round. Six weeks of not competing, out of all those six weeks, most of the five were not touching a club.

Pleased with the way I'm performing. I could tell how rested I was mentally because on some holes -- I never lost patience, I never really got down on myself and stayed with that positive attitude. I'm hoping I can keep playing solid and keep it for the next three days.

Q. What is the biggest challenge when you come back after six weeks?
JON RAHM: Honestly it was hard to kind of stop golf for a while, and then after a certain time, it was hard to pick it up again. So it was hard to get into that routine again. But once I came to the tournament, kind of switch, you get to the tournament, you get to grinding. I think it's just getting the feel of putting, chipping, so I spent a lot of time doing that, a lot of short game, putting. The swing, I was feeling good, so all I had to do was make sure my pace was fast greens was good. So far it's been good.

Q. You said it had been ten years since you had a decent-sized break, but did it cross your mind to go to Turkey or Nedbank to try to improve your situation to Race to Dubai?
JON RAHM: No. Just when it came to the point of deciding, time at home with Kelley is always going to be more important than any other tournament. Hopefully I'm healthy for the rest of my career and I have 20 other chances to win The Race to Dubai. Any second I can spend with her is precious, so it's an easy choice.

Q. How excited about the possibilities with this great start?
JON RAHM: Yeah, a lot of people are playing good. It's going to be an exciting week, so hopefully I can keep playing good and give Rory and Mike a run for their money. I know Tommy is playing good.

Q. 66, you must be happy with that?
JON RAHM: Yeah, can't complain. Struggled on 18 but other than that, it was a round where there wasn't much stress going on. Hit it really good throughout the round. Putted great. Felt really comfortable with every part of my game, so hopefully I can keep it going the next three days.

Q. What was the feeling behind take time off?
JON RAHM: The reason? I would say my last two years of high school, university and then three years as a pro, basically a lot of time, almost nine years where I didn't really have that long of a break. Those three years on Tour, there's a big change. I've heard of many other players mention how at some point they got burnt out and just wish they would have taken it easier. I'm kind of trying to do that earlier.

I was in a good position to The Race to Dubai and I kind of allowed myself to take a break. I knew that meant I had to win this week, but pretty much unless I had won one of those two big events, I would have had to win either way to make sure I won.

At the same time, I just needed to be home and rest and have some time away from the game, which is just as important as within the game. When it came to deciding to spend more time with my fiancée or play tournaments, I decided to spend six weeks with her.

Q. Have you been looking at the leaderboard and stuff like that?
JON RAHM: Not really. The only time that it matters is when the last putt is made. Up until then it's all possibilities and probabilities. Just try to look at what I have coming up the next three days, that's about it. Get some good rest today and hopefully I can keep it going tomorrow.

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