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November 21, 2019

Bernd Wiesberger

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Thoughts on 2-under 70.
BERND WIESBERGER: I put myself in tricky positions today. Had a lot of sand off the tee, unfortunately, and couldn't attack, even though conditions were a little bit windy, but it's still gettable. There's low scoring.

Again like last week, I came off a sloppy start and we hung in there and shot a couple under par, so that's a positive.

Q. So what isn't happening at the start?
BERND WIESBERGER: I mean, on the first hole, it was too good a 3-wood off the first tee and just a tough leave there for the flag. Yeah, thought I hit a really good putt on the second. Just didn't drop. Got one back there. 4 is a really tough hole today and then yeah, just didn't quite take my chances enough. Bit sloppy on the short game now and then.

But as I said, really good shot into 11. Good way to finish off. There's room for improvement, but no, solid start.

Q. 1-over par through ten holes and ended up 2-under through 18. How do you feel about your day's work?
BERND WIESBERGER: Yeah, got to be happy with the fact that coming in under par, good fight again. A little bit like the last couple weeks. Not off to a great start, even though I didn't feel like I did much wrong but got myself in position off the tee and felt like I could attack the flags. I stuck in there, stayed positive. Tried to grind it out and got rewarded at least with a birdie to finish and overall, 2-under par, given the game not quite there, a decent start today.

Q. You start the event with your closest rival, and holes his first shot and birdies the second, what are you thinking at that stage?
BERND WIESBERGER: You go out there, and feels a little bit like a Sunday for some reason, but it's only the first day. Three more rounds of golf. We are going to get our momentum and we are going to have that, as well. It's still a long week ahead but it definitely feels if you go out there, No. 1 and 2, it feels like you're in a Sunday shootout in a way, but it's not.

There's still 54 holes ahead of us and a lot can happen, and try to take the good with the bad and hopefully we get a couple golf breaks and score low the next few days.

Q. Tommy told us in 2017, the pressure was different from contention pressure because it's an opportunity you might not get in your career. How was it for you?
BERND WIESBERGER: It's good. I try to cherish it as much as I can. I'm just thinking 72-hole tournament this week. I'm not trying to look at what is happening. I can't control what Tommy, Matt, Shane and Jon are doing or any other of the 49 guys. So whatever is in my control, I try to do as good as possible, and I've done pretty well with that this year and no reason to change that.

I'm trying to play for a tournament here and I'm trying to play for The Race to Dubai title, and if I do my very best to finish this tournament as high as possible, that's all I can do. We'll add it up at the end.

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