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November 19, 2019

Shamil Tarpischev

Andrey Rublev

Karen Khachanov

Evgeny Donskoy

Paris, France

RUSSIA 3, Croatia 0

RUBLEV/Gojo 6-3, 6-3

KHACHANOV/Coric 6-7, 6-4, 6-4

KHACHANOV-RUBLEV/Dodig-Mekic 7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: We will start with some questions in English and then we will move to national language.

Q. So, for each of you, how are you all feeling after that performance?
KAREN KHACHANOV: Obviously, we feel -- I think everybody is really happy. It was important we try to win 3-0 so that's why we went with Andrey to play and he gave it all. And, you know, really happy that we could get the win and now it's time to recover and try to get ready for tomorrow, favorite team Spain, they are playing at home.

Q. A question for Andrey and Karen. Just talk about how you guys are feeling knowing you have another big matchup tomorrow.
ANDREY RUBLEV: I mean -- no, we're feeling fine. This match was really important for us. Every game was really important and we tried to give our, everything of us for today, to try to win as more matches as we can. We are really happy that we could, that we won all of them.

So, I mean, tomorrow's going to be an even tougher match, but we have nothing to lose. We will go there and we will try also to do our best and we'll see what is going to happen.

Q. Just your impressions of the tournament so far -- I haven't spoken to you since before the tournament -- so how has it felt for you? And what kind of -- any different preparations because it's a new format, your thoughts on that?
KAREN KHACHANOV: For me it was new preparation, I was resting and coming here direct (laughing). That's something new, you know.

In general, I think so far, everything is really well organized for the first time. You know, like it can be some mistakes in the organization, but from my point of view, I think from the team as well, we're pretty happy to be here, you know, it's pretty convenient to play everything in the same place.

The only thing, like I said before, the dates are, you know, maybe not as comfortable. But the organization is great.

So, you know, I think there were quite a few people on our match. So tomorrow I heard is sold out so that's unbelievable.

Q. How will you prepare against Spain tomorrow, against the home favorite, and potentially Rafael Nadal?
KAREN KHACHANOV: I mean, it is pretty similar question, no, to the other one.

For right now, we're dealing with how we will prepare. So right now we've just finished the match, we try to get good recovery, we try to get good sleep, good rest, and then, you know, tomorrow maybe in the morning with the team we try to set up the plan and, you know, just to go out there to try to fight and win. There is no secret, you know.

Q. Obviously, with you guys, it's just the three of you, whereas perhaps some other teams have a bigger, more options. I'm wondering for you, how are you planning on pacing yourself, even from a mental perspective, knowing that you will have to play a lot, the three of you?
KAREN KHACHANOV: I mean, we know Daniil is -- in the beginning, Daniil was supposed to come, it was supposed to be four of us, but in the last minute he decide to rest. And his choice we understand, we can understand because he was playing a lot, a lot, a lot and he was completely empty.

So, I mean, we had no other options because we are three, the only ones that -- anyway we are going to play all the singles, potentially all the singles. For the moment, we don't have doubles players in Russia. We would like to take more players, but there is, even if we want to take some doubles players, but there is only three of us, we play together better than other Russians.

So, yes, basically it's a little bit unlucky in this. But three players -- supposed to be four players -- so four players more than enough to play singles, you know, and it just happened that Daniil canceled. But okay, it is what it is, so...

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