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November 19, 2019

Leon Smith

Jamie Murray

Neal Skupski

Andy Murray

Daniel Evans

Kyle Edmund

Paris, France

THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to the press conference for the GB Team.

Q. Just a question for Andy. I want to get your first impressions of the tournament and the facilities here and what you make of it.
ANDY MURRAY: I think they've done, you know, a really good job with the facilities. I think for us anyway practice has been pretty easy, so far. I think, you know, the team room and stuff is really good, nice size, you know, the food and stuff, the lunch is really good, transport's been good.

You know, there's nothing really to complain about so far. I was saying the other day, it sort of feels like there's a few people that, you know, want to kind of bash the event before it's kind of started and got going. And, you know, I think they have to let that go and kind of wait for the event to finish before we give a fair, you know, view on what this event is now. And it has changed and it's a big change, but I think they need to let it go.

Q. Leon, are you going to keep your cards close on selection or can you tell us anything about the team tomorrow?
LEON SMITH: I'm afraid I'm going to keep it -- I have a pretty good idea, but we've kept it as normal, and I'm going to speak to the guys tonight so they can sleep on it and then we go. So sorry, I can't give you that now.

Q. Andy, when you say that some people seem very keen to knock the event. Can you say who you have in mind? Do you mean other players or ATP or media or commentators?
ANDY MURRAY: I just think generally -- I'm not saying everyone has. It's just generally people have been quite skeptical about the new format. Which is fine, you know, because like I said, it is a big change and I had my reservations about it. But I just feel, like, it's fair to give the new event a chance to play itself out and see how it is at the end of the week.

And I would just say, only from my perspective, I don't know what all the other players have been saying or feel about it that have been here, but I think it's been very well run so far. It's been very easy for all of the players, you know. And the one concern I had, and have, is the atmosphere in the matches in comparison to what we were used to in Davis Cup ties. And until we've competed in a few matches here and felt that atmosphere and stuff, I can't say for sure what that's going to be like.

But, you know, the week so far has been good and enjoyable. And I think there were some great matches yesterday as well and some nice atmospheres, too. Yes, it's not one player or one person in the media or a pundit or whatever, it is just I think generally, you know, people have been fairly negative about the new concepts.

I just feel in tennis sometimes we are quite reluctant to make changes, and this is a big change. I feel like we should give it an opportunity to see how it goes.

Q. The question to anybody who wants to answer it. You guys have the possibility if you make it all the way to the end to play five ties in five days. So how are you preparing for that and how challenging do you think this is going to be?
KYLE EDMUND: Obviously we don't get a day off but hopefully we can get into a nice rhythm and play each day. We know what we're expecting. Of course you have to win the matches in order to play all the way through the event. But we've just got to do our best, believe. You know, fear will be our enemy. But that's it, we have to do the best we can.

Q. Just a related question to Andy. If selected, are you ready and available to play five matches back-to-back or would you prefer to have your time sort of take rest days if required?
ANDY MURRAY: Look, I mean, playing five days in a row is going to be tough just now. I did it in Antwerp, you know, and I got through that tournament quite well at the end. But it was, you know, it was tough. And I've also since then had a bit of a break as well, where I didn't train and practice as much. So five matches in five days would be difficult for sure.

But I think that's, you know, one of the nice things about this event, and especially the team we have got just now, is that everyone, you know, everybody can play and step in and are top quality players. So, that's really positive.

And one of the other things that -- this is just a positive about the competition as a whole. The fact there is not any dead rubbers, especially these first three days. For me, that was one of the issues of the previous format. But the fact that every rubber counts here and each set and stuff, there's a bit more riding on it than, you know, maybe there was in the past. Like on the Sundays and stuff, sometimes you had two matches that didn't mean anything.

So I think that's one of the positives about the new format.

Q. This is to Kyle and Dan. Either of you could be the No. 1. How do you feel about playing in the No. 1 role with Andy potentially as No. 2?
DANIEL EVANS: Yeah, it will be a proud moment whoever goes out there and plays No. 1. You know, obviously Andy is a very good No. 2 to have playing before us. And we have both had a good week's practice, can't hold it back anymore, and get it going on the match court.

Q. Andy, can I just ask you how you are feeling physically in terms of the right elbow. And also you were telling us about your weight gain after the baby, a lot of people found that quite relatable. Did it fall off quite quickly? How did that go?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I've lost a little bit of weight (smiling), not as much as I would like. But obviously getting to practice here and, you know, hopefully getting to play a few matches can also help with the last couple of kilos (laughing).

Yeah, physically, my elbow's been really good so that's been positive. And then, yeah, I mean, obviously, if you're playing matches, there's obviously a bit of added intensity there. So how you recover from them and feel after them is slightly different to the practice. But the elbow has been good.

Q. Do you think it helps or hinders you that Andy cannot be the No. 1 singles player here?
LEON SMITH: No, that's not the way I would view it. As Andy said, we've got really good quality in the three singles players that we've got. And whoever goes out to play gives us a good shot.

You know, obviously it was a difficult decision coming here as well because we have good quality players that didn't even make the squad. So I don't view it that way at all. The way the format of the competition means that it could be an advantage in other ways as well.

Q. Does it help or hinder? Which way would you feel it would help, in terms of opposition, I guess?
LEON SMITH: Yeah, it depends. It depends on how everyone is playing and depends on the other teams, depends on the match-ups. Sometimes in some ways you'd want to flip it around depending on the matches you're up against.

But yeah, so, if anything, it could be a positive.

THE MODERATOR: Anything for Jamie and Neal?

Q. Just to say, it is one point in three now, not one point in five. Do you see that as a boost for doubles?
JAMIE MURRAY: Potentially. Obviously, in the group stages every rubber counts, but obviously in the knockouts, if it's 2-0 after singles, then the doubles doesn't get played; but if it's live, then it's going to be the match that the tie. So I guess it works both ways.

Obviously the previous format it always counted and was always a pivotal rubber in the tie. But we'll just have to wait and see. I mean, for us, it's cool to get the opportunity to potentially play those deciding matches and, you know, doubles be the discipline that's deciding whether who goes home with the Davis Cup trophy or not.

Q. Just to Andy. You were talking about how difficult it is going to be to playing back-to-back. Would you be available for doubles if called upon? Or would you rather stick to singles?
ANDY MURRAY: Look, I mean, if I was asked to play, then yeah, I would do it. You know, it's not (smiling) -- there's also certain circumstances that are, I don't know -- there's a difference between playing a final maybe or, you know, a quarterfinal potentially is a difference because, I don't know, you have to think maybe at the beginning of the event slightly differently than if you're in the final as well, you know.

But I guess we'll see what happens when we're out there. The length of matches as well is important, too. You play an hour-long match, it is very different to playing three hours, you know, and how you recover from that.

So there's a lot of factors there, but I mean, if that's what Leon wanted ultimately, then I'd do it.

THE MODERATOR: Anybody like to put a last question to the new man on the team?

Q. Neal, I guess, how does it feel for you to be part of this team and especially that it's a new format, but for you, this is the first thing you're experiencing? So what's your impression?
NEAL SKUPSKI: Yeah, it's going really well. We've been here almost a week now. There's a great atmosphere in the camp.

But, yeah, I mean, it's a really exciting time for me and the players. And, I mean, we've had a good practice at the NTC last week, six days here. It's going really well. Looking forward to it.

Obviously what Leon was saying, we don't know the team yet. But if we do get called upon, we'll just have to be the player we always have to be.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much, everyone.

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