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November 17, 2019

Kyle Busch

Brexton Busch

Joe Gibbs

Adam Stevens

Homestead, Florida

Q. The first thing you did, I know your team, you celebrated with them, you'll continue celebrating. As Samantha and Brexton came to you, seems like Brexton was whispering in your ears. What was your little man saying?
KYLE BUSCH: He was asking if he could get thrown up in the air because we won a race. He's a little lighter than the trophy, so I think I'm okay for right now.
Man, this is so special. I want to thank Mitch and Monster, everybody back at Monster, for a fantastic run. I told Mitch when it first came out, I was like, Damn, man, that trophy is so cool, I want to get one of those. Missed out on the first two, but special to pick up this one.
Can't say enough about all my guys. This is their trophy as much as it's my trophy. It means so much to work with this group, they're so special. Adam Stevens especially, Joe Gibbs, Coy, J.D., what their family went through this year means so much to bring them home a title.
M&M's, what can you say about them and their support? Of course, Interstate Batteries. Just so honored to drive their racecar, to come out here and get the job done tonight.

Q. Coach, what does this mean? You had three cars in there, pretty good odds, but we know in this sport it's not always a numbers game. Your thoughts on winning a fifth Cup championship?
JOE GIBBS: It's a thrill for us. The Lord blessed us with a great night. I spent three and a half hours worried about everything, I didn't know what was going to happen (laughter).
I want to thank Mitch, Monster and Toyota. Norm got us started. Coy, a big part of our family. All of our family is here, Pam, Victoria. Thank everybody for being a part of this.
It's a thrill for me. To all of our fans, thank each and every one of you guys. We appreciate it so much.

Q. Coach, Kyle talked about the importance of trying to win this not just for you, J.D., everything your family has been through. To start off the year with that Daytona 500 win with J.D.'s name on the car, to come here to Homestead, win the championship, I know it's a small substitute, in no way replaces what you have lost, but what does it mean? Do you feel like he was smiling down today?
JOE GIBBS: I just want to say J.D. spent his entire professional life building our race team. This whole year I think is just a tribute to him. I think everybody saw the Daytona 500, everything that's happened this year. I know the Lord had His hand in what has taken place. I believe J.D. had a great view of it.
Everybody go to JDGibbslegacy.com. Appreciate everybody. This whole year we're celebrating his life.

Q. Adam, your second Cup championship. Everyone has a little bit of a different story. You had a driver in 2015 who won it after breaking a leg and a foot. This year he said he almost felt like an underdog. How is that possible when he wins 56 races?
ADAM STEVENS: We had a cold spell there. It's been well documented, believe it or not. Quite a few questions about it. Felt a little bit like 2015 to me. Take the broken legs out of the equation. We were hot early in 2015 when Kyle came back. We didn't win since Indy that year, then came to Homestead and got the job done.
You got to remember, too, we're in such a unique situation, as a competitive team that runs up front with the goal of winning the championship every year, everything we do is to make that happen, right? To win the regular season points championship, then try to maintain that and get to Homestead, that's what it's all about.

Q. Does Brexton have anything to say?
BREXTON BUSCH: My dad won. It's for my dad.
KYLE BUSCH: Who is it for?
BREXTON BUSCH: Rowdy Nation.

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